I Wrote the Script, But I Want to Change the Ending

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After practicing psychotherapy for thirty-five plus years, Dale Perrin knows a thing or two aboutchanging one's lot in life. After all, she's had to do it herself.

"I Wrote the Script, but I Want to Change the Ending" is her inspirational autobiography, telling the story of a woman determined never to let her past dictate her future. Using her unique voice, Perrin depicts her challenges as a single woman living and working in small Canadian cities from the1940s to the late 1990s. She details her struggles with patriarchy, chauvinism, institutional systems, and living with multiple sclerosis, yet shows how the healing power of love and the essential goodness of humanity sustained her.

With a dose of wit and a large helping of humility, Perrin takes you through the ages and stages of her life, revealing how you can change your circumstances by differentiating between what theworld expects of you and what you expect from yourself. Uncover patterns of thoughts, feelings, andbehaviors that may be sabotaging your efforts to be the best of who you are, and take a lesson fromPerrin: it's never too late to rewrite the ending of your script!

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