I Saw Three Ships: And Other Winter Tales

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Cassell publishing Company, 1892 - 304 pages
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Page 40 - From lightning and tempest; from plague, pestilence, and famine; from battle and murder, and from sudden death, , Good Lord, deliver us.
Page 163 - O Mother, take you John Evangelist All for to be your son, And he will comfort you sometimes, Mother, as I have done.' 'O come, thou John Evangelist, Thou'rt welcome unto me; But more welcome my own dear Son, Whom I nursed on my knee.' Then He laid his head on His right shoulder. Seeing death it struck Him nigh — 'The Holy Ghost be with your soul, I die, Mother dear, I die.
Page 162 - We're seeking for no leaves, Thomas, But for a friend of thine; We're seeking for sweet Jesus Christ, To be our guide and thine." "Go down, go down, to yonder town, . And sit in the gallery, And there you'll see sweet Jesus Christ Nailed to a big yew-tree." So down they went to yonder town As fast as foot could fall, And many a grievous bitter tear From the virgins
Page 163 - O come thou, John. Evangelist, Thou'rt welcome unto me, But more welcome my own dear Son Whom I nursed on my knee.' Then he laid his head on his right shoulder, Seeing death it struck him nigh, — ' The holy Mother be with your soul, I die, Mother dear, I die.
Page 164 - As I sat on a sunny bank, A sunny bank, a sunny bank, As I sat on a sunny bank, On Christmas Day in the Morning...
Page 38 - I dropped it. 1 did so ! I did so! I had a little dog that said ' Bow ! wow!' I had a little cat that said
Page 231 - I cut straight across the heather towards the light, risking quags and pitfalls. Nay, so heartening was the chance to hear a fellowcreature's voice that I broke into a run, skipping over the stunted gorse that cropped up here and there, and dreading every moment to see the light quenched. " Suppose it burns in an upper window, and the family is going to bed, as would be likely at this hour...
Page 175 - twas a bad bargain for her. He was noted for stinginess to such a degree that they said his wife wore a brass wedding-ring, weekdays, to save the genuine article from wearing out. She was a Ruan woman, too, and therefore ough t to have known all about him. But woman's ways be past finding out. • Hearing the hoofs in his yard and the sergeant's stram-a-ram upon the door, down comes the old curmudgeon with a candle held high above his head. " What the devil's here ?
Page 230 - ... way that kept the wind on my face, and it gnawed me like a dog. Mainly to allay the stinging of my eyes, I pulled up at last, turned right-about face, leant back against the blast with a hand on my hat, and surveyed the blackness I had traversed. It was at this instant that, far away to the left, a point of light caught my notice, faint but steady; and at once I felt sure it burnt in the window of a house.

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