Ice Massage: The Ultimate Cryotherapeutic Alternative

Front Cover
Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 93 pages

Ice Massage: The Ultimate Cryotherapeutic Alternative is truly the long-awaited book that addresses two obvious needs. The first need being that of an "alternative medicine" that is truly "generic," but with proven medicinal clout.

The second need being a source of valid, proven, successful information, ensconced in expertise and written in language understandable to the Public.

Justifiably, both Therapist and Patient, who had never experienced Ice-Massage or Cold Therapy, find the entire concept as "Grandma's small-town Remedy." However, seeing is not only believing, but feeling is the crucial proof.

This book uses the holistic teaching from Hippocrates and the ancient physicians to present day rehabilitation practitioners. The book is a combination of common sense, plus forty-plus years of "hands-on" expertise - mixed with water to create ice - to relieve stress and pain.

The subject matter takes into considerations the "ailments" of daily living and is written comprehensively and illustrated with informed simplicity. Add to this, the facility of "open-book" usage while working (the book lies "flat") and you have the best of immediate consultation.

Subjects range from simple "runny nose" to back pain, tennis elbow, sciatica and the more serious migraines, "stroke," angina, fibromyalgia and more! No other therapy can "brag" about being completely legal, safe, available, inexpensive, non-drug, non-addictive, no side-effects and 99.5% successful! This book is a "must-have" for every "hands-on" licensed professional, regardless of his/her area of expertise!


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