If anything can go wrong, pass it on to someone else! (Florentin's Laws)

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V. Christianto
Infinite Study, 1990 - Literary Collections
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Being paradoxist in nature, Florentin's Laws are especially deviations, modifications, generalizations, contra-sayings, parodies, or mixtures of the previous Murphy's Laws and Peter's Laws. And also of aphorisms, proverbs, known citations, cliches, scientific results (from physics, mathematics, philosophy, ...), etc.Alternatively, collations of opposite ideas - gathered from folklore, from ads, from literature, from familiar speech.For example, Murphy's law ?Anything that can go wrong will go wrong'which in Peter's law is stated as:?If anything can go wrong, Fix It!?becomes in Florentin's law, through deviation:?If anything can go wrong, pass it on to someone else!?in a Machiavelli way, as a mixture of pessimism / optimism and laugh!In the above example, while Murphy's law output is negative and Peter's law output is positive, Florentin's law output is indeterminate [perversity] as in neutrosophic logic (i. e. the problem has not be solved, but passed to another person!... it's a trickery (deception, cunning, dodge, swindle, caper, subterfuge).Each Florentin's Law should include: negative (pessimism) and positive (optimism) attributes, while its conclusion should be moderate ? often trickery bended with humor.

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