If You Can't Take A Joke...

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AuthorHouse, Mar 4, 2009 - Humor - 448 pages
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   The Information Age has unleashed a torrent of facts, stories, history and, well, information. Instant communication is the order of the day. What used to take weeks or months to make the rounds now takes mere minutes. And so it is with humor. Now we can send and receive jokes, funny stories and other humorous fancies any time of the day or night. And we all get the latest gags from our friends, don’t we? Every day we get jokes and funny stories and interesting historical notes and other spam-type jottings. We all have friends who remember every joke they have ever heard. The Editor of this volume is not, unfortunately, one of those people. So, being the world’s worst joke-rememberer, he saved every humorous anecdote and story and joke that was sent to him over the years since the Internet has been up and in general use. Yep, he even saved the very first joke sent to him via email. And, admittedly, there has been a lot of really great humor making the rounds. Some of these gems you’ve heard, some have been sent to you, but  a lot of them are probably still new. Gary Lukatch’s newest book, If You Can’t Take a Joke…, is a compilation of many of the best of the best emails, jokes, gags, stories and even some thought-provoking items. Enjoy them all. (NOTE: This is also a great book to keep in the bathroom to while away those quiet times.)

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About the author (2009)

Gary Lukatch is the internationally-unknown author of several previous books dealing with his life, travels and other incoherent thoughts. After an undistinguished university career, and a stint in the US Army, he moved to California. He finally escaped to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and, in 1999, quit his job, sold his house, sold his car, and moved to Central Europe, where he taught English to the people of Budapest, Hungary.

     He is the author of five other published works: To Śr With Love, a romp through his second life in Budapest; Bankers’ Hours, a romp through his first life in the financial industry; The Feline Mystique, a man’s guide to living with a cat as practice for living with a woman; Summers’ Time, a romp among the women of Central Europe; and Travels with Myself, a collection of his newsletters and blogs.

     He has written many C&W song lyrics, sadly unpublished and unsung, including such should-be classics as: If I’d Have Met You Sooner I’d Be Through With You By Now; I Can’t Get Over You ‘Till You Get Out From Under Him; and his own personal favorite, The Ballad of Onan.

     He has been inside an Egyptian pyramid, taunted the snake charmers in Marrakech and crewed an America’s Cup racing yacht. He has been a weight-lifting champion, floated in the Dead Sea and slugged down a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar of the Hotel Raffles.

     He has his name on an Olympic brick in Atlanta, Georgia. He has scuba-dived the Cozumel reefs, skied Mt. Etna and  taught English in Oxford, England. These days he can often be found at The Caledonia Pub in Budapest, Hungary, quaffing Scottish beer and singing karaoke.

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