Ignorance, the cause of numerous eye-diseases

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Bombay, 1885 - Eye - 85 pages
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Page 38 - This,jn its turn, produced giddiness; and the giddiness produced headache and sickness by disturbing the circulation. The strained muscles which had once given way became prompt to give way again when they were unduly called upon ; and the grave view which was taken of the symptoms by medical men...
Page 78 - By taking two of the old-fashioned highlycurved watch glasses, and fixing them in a ring with their concavities outwards, we enclose a portion of air of the shape of a double concave lens. Immersed in water, this air lens will refract the rays of light from objects reaching it through the water, convergently. It will resemble in its optical properties a double convex glass lens in air, as I have explained above ( 20).
Page 37 - ... most complete possible rest to his brain, he was advised to make a voyage to Australia and back. He did so, and returned in the same condition. He was then considered to be incurable ; was told that he must abandon a career which had been open to him, and a matrimonial engagement which had been formed.
Page 8 - Through the cornea, the aqueous humour, the lens, and the vitreous humour, the...

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