Illinois Medical Journal, Svazek 24

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Illinois State Medical Society, 1913
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Strana 93 - 6. Said directors shall, immediately after appointment, meet and organize by the election of one of their number president and one as secretary, and by the election of such other officers as they may deem necessary. They shall make and adopt such by-laws, rules and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of the
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Strana 93 - reported to the city council or board of trustees, as the case may be, and be filled in like manner as original appointments, and no director shall receive compensation as such and shall not be interested, directly or indirectly, in the purchase or sale of any supplies for said sanitarium.
Strana 93 - Tuberculosis Sanitarium Fund," and thereafter the city council or board of trustees, as the case may be, of such city or village shall include and appropriate from such fund in the annual appropriation bill such sum or sums of money as may be deemed necessary to defray all necessary expenses and liabilities of such tuberculosis sanitariums.
Strana 50 - and direct public opinion in regard to the great problems of state medicine, so that the profession shall become more capable and honorable within itself and more useful to the public in the prevention and cure of disease and in prolonging and adding comfort to life ; and
Strana 53 - Legislation shall consist of three members and the President and Secretary. Under the direction of the House of Delegates it shall represent the Society in securing and enforcing legislation in the interest of public health and of scientific medicine. It shall keep in touch with professional and public opinion: shall endeavor to
Strana 93 - the city council or board of trustees of such city or village shall thereafter annually levy a tax of not to exceed one mill on the dollar, which tax shall be collected in like manner with other general taxes in such city or village and shall be known
Strana 94 - and controlled by such board, when accepted, according to the terms of the deed, gift, devise or bequest of such property and as to such property the said board shall be held and considered to be special trustees.
Strana 55 - shall be shown the full name, address, college and date of graduation, date of license to practice in this state, and such other information as may be deemed necessary. In keeping such roster the Secretary shall note any changes in the personnel of the profession by death, or by removal to or from the county, and in making

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