Illinois Schools Journal, Volume 1

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Board of Education, City of Chicago, 1918 - Education

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Page 29 - Labor, who shall be the head thereof, to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate; and who shall receive a salary of $12,000 per annum, and whose tenure of office shall be like that of the heads of the other executive departments...
Page 13 - While we may speak, without error, of the method of thought, the important thing is that thinking is the method of an educative experience. The essentials of method are therefore identical with the essentials of reflection. They are first that the pupil have a genuine situation of experience — that there be a continuous activity in which he is interested for its own sake...
Page 12 - There must be more actual material, more stuff, more appliances, and more opportunities for doing things, before the gap can be overcome. And where children are engaged in doing things and in discussing what arises in the course of their doing...
Page 11 - ... soldiers I took alive; of some I cut off hands and limbs; of others, the noses, ears, and arms ; of many soldiers I put out the eyes. I reared a column of the living and a column of heads.
Page 26 - Bulletin No. 1. Statement of Policies. •Bulletin No. 2. Training Conscripted Men for Service as Radio and Buzzer Operators In the United States Army (International Code). Bulletin No. 3. Emergency Training in Shipbuilding — Evening and PartTime Classes for Shipyard Workers.
Page 12 - A large part of the art of instruction lies in making the difficulty of new problems large enough to challenge thought, and small enough so that, in addition to the confusion naturally attending the novel elements, there shall be luminous familiar spots from which helpful suggestions may spring.
Page 8 - Periods of rapid growth in height and weight precede growth in strength and endurance. Vigorous big-muscle exercise should be the rule during this period. Overexercise particularly should be avoided. A clean-cut differentiation should be made between chronological age and physiological maturity. Both the physical examination and the physical efficiency tests should serve as aids in properly grading the health activities. Detailed...
Page 18 - No teacher may in future be compelled to give religious education. 17. It has been proposed to the ministry of war that all teachers shall be released immediately from their military obligations. 18. Work for the willing! Immediate provision of employment for teachers who return from the field by reducing the size of classes, filling of all vacant posts, and establishment of special courses. 19. The amnesty will be applied to all teachers who have received disciplinary punishment. 20. Teachers who...
Page 8 - Physical examination. — The physical examination calls for a study of the growth and physique of the pupil and a close correlation of the conditions found with the physical activity prescribed. The examination should include such vital problems as eyesight, hearing, growth in height and weight, bodily strength, lung capacity, cardiac efficiency.

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