Imagine: A World That Your Feeble Mind Couldn’t Even Imagine

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Xlibris Corporation, Feb 3, 2011 - Biography & Autobiography - 153 pages
I have read many books and have seen many movies that all begin with “This is based on a true story,” and many times I have wondered why they would say that. To be based on a true story means something is false and added in. This story is my story and is told by me. This story is not based on a true story at all; this is a true story —Emil E-Fetti Nnani Imagine is a story of a young man born into a life that he doesn’t deserve. A story of a young man who was dealt the cards of life, cards which no man would be willing to play. A story of a young man who has lost all hope in life, so he was forced to create his own life in his imagination. Imagine starts off telling us about Emil’s childhood. Every detail is explained. Emil’s childhood was terrible, horrible, and overall, his childhood was unbelievable. He used everything around him in his childhood to his benefit, which helped fuel his imagination of a better world and a better life. Both of his parents are from Africa. His dad abandoned him; his mom was snatched away from him and tossed in prison. He stood alone. At times he thought even his God left him and he was left only with his imagination. He was a child with an incredible imagination, which took him to be a king in the eyes of his peers. He got involved with the wrong crowd, gangs, guns, girls, drugs, and the law. Surrounded by prayers from his mother and pastor but not caring about his life, he went to serve time in prison like his mom. Life was hard for him, and it only got harder. After barely surviving in prison, he was released with hopes of changing and living a better life, but things never turn out as we plan them. His imagination kept him alive in the streets of Raleigh and kept him breathing behind those prison gates, but the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was when his imagination was put to the test.

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This is the self-published memoir of the self-proclaimed "Most popular Christian rapper in North Carolina" and owner of the Christ Lyke t-shirt line, which has annoying kiosks in the mall where you can be accosted to buy their stuff. Quit frankly, this book reads like the author was a kid who got in some trouble with the law and figured out he could make a decent living wringing money out of gullible religious people, who will separate their money from their wallets for anything Jesus-related regardless of quality. I suppose that beats trafficking drugs, though selling one unhealthy, addictive, and dangerous product (religion) instead of another one isn't really a step up in any way other than legality.
If you've ever seen the episode of "South Park" where Cartman starts a Christian rock band to grift money from gullible Christians who may not be able to discern a true believer from a charlatan who found a money-making niche, you'll get a glimpse of what it seems like the author is doing.
Also, the title is ridiculous. The title asks me to imagine something that I my mind is too feeble to imagine. That both makes no sense and is insulting. The book opens with a quote from THE AUTHOR HIMSELF, whereas most authors are at least humble enough to quote someone else at the start of their book.
But really, this book is horribly written and drips narcissism. I thought Christianity was about humility. Then again, rap music is more and more these days about being a braggart, so I guess that fits the author, regardless of subject matter.

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