Immigration Into Massachusetts, 1820-1900

University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1906 - 226 páginas
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Página 16 - An act relating to alien passengers," passed the 20th of April, 1837, by the legislature of Massachusetts, contains the following provisions: — "§ 1. When any vessel shall arrive at any port or harbor within this State, from any port or place without the same, with alien passengers on board, the officer or officers whom the mayor and aldermen of the city, or the selectmen of the town, where it is proposed to land such passengers, are hereby authorized and required to appoint, shall go on board...
Página 48 - No person shall have the right to vote, or be eligible to office under the constitution of this commonwealth, who shall not be able to read the constitution in the English language, and write his name: provided, however, that the provisions of this amendment shall not. apply to any person prevented by a physical disability from complying with its...
Página 16 - Section 2. If on such examination there shall be found among said passengers any lunatic, idiot, maimed, aged or infirm persons, incompetent in the opinion of the officer so examining to maintain themselves, or who have been paupers in any other country...
Página 16 - ... to maintain themselves, or who have been paupers in any other country, no such alien passenger shall be permitted to land, until the master, owner, consignee or agent of such vessel shall have given to such city. or town a bond in the sum of one thousand dollars, with good and sufficient surety, that no such lunatic or indigent passenger shall become a city, town or State charge, within ten years from the date of said bond.
Página 16 - If, on such examination, there shall be found, among said passengers, any lunatic, idiot, maimed, aged, or infirm person, incompetent, in the opinion of the officer so examining, to maintain themselves, or who have been paupers in any other country, no such alien passenger shall...
Página 49 - ... significant) they pay for whatever real estate they buy, and are scarcely ever known to sell any. In fact, it has come to such a pass, that they perform a very large proportion of the physical labor throughout the State, whether it be in the mill or in the shop, whether in the family or upon the farm. As far as muscular exercise is concerned, they constitute " the bone and sinew " of the land, and it would be very difficult, if not impossible to dispense with their services.
Página 101 - Abdy, ES, Journal of a residence and tour in the United States. . . . London, 1835, in 3 volumes, Vol.
Página 40 - Island, over twenty years of age, who could not read and write, was...
Página 94 - The fact is plain that the strong industrial condition of Massachusetts has been secured and is held not by the labor of what is called the " native stock," but by that of the immigrants from all climes, who have left their native lands to seek here opportunities for financial advancement and political and religious liberty.
Página 77 - February 1906, especially considered these subjects: "but when you find the foreigners outnumbering the natives living in communities, where they preserve in large measure their own language and customs, it is a fair question whether numbers will not prevail over institutions, and the recuit be the survival of the imported mentality, customs, and habits of thought

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