Implementing Inclusive Education

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Jan 1, 1997 - Children with disabilities - 188 pages
This document contains 25 papers presented at 1993 and 1995 conferences convened as part of a 7-year international project concerned with the integration of children with special educational needs into mainstream schools. The papers are: (1) "The OECD Project: Integrating Students with Special Needs into Mainstream Schools" (Peter Evans and Don Labon); (2) "Recent Developments in OECD Member Countries" (Don Labon and Peter Evans); (3) "Quality for All: Some Comments about Inclusive Schools from Spanish Educational Reform" (Alvaro Marchesi); (4) "Integration in the Netherlands" (Cor J. W. Meijer); (5) "Factors that Inclusion Must Not Overlook" (Yerker Andersson); (6) "How Systemic Are Our Systemic Reforms?" (Dianne L. Ferguson); (7) "What We Know about School Inclusion" (Gordon L. Porter); (8) "The Changing Roles of School Personnel in a Restructured and Inclusive School" (Kolbrun Gunnarsdottir); (9) "The Quality of Integration Depends on the Quality of Education for Everybody" (August Dens); (10) "Supporting the Classroom Teacher in New Brunswick" (Darlene Perner); (11) "Influences of National Policies on Classroom Teaching and Curriculum Access in England" (Klaus Wedell); (12) "A National Strategy for Enhancing Access to the Curriculum in France" (Patrice Couteret); (13) "Pedagogical, Curricular and Classroom Organisation in Italy" (Lucia de Anna); (14) "Integration in the Ordinary School in Switzerland" (Gerard Bless); (15) "Inclusion-Promoting Factors in the Norwegian Schools" (Ida Drage); (16) "Parental, Advisory and Administrative Support in OECD Countries" (Don Labon); (17) "The Influence of Related Services on Educational Integration in the United States" (Martha Coutinho and Alan C. Repp); (18) "Parental, Statutory and Voluntary Support Services in Belgium" (Jean-Jacques Detraux); (19) "School Organisational Structures Supporting Inclusion in Spain" (Gerardo Echeita); (20) "The Role of Special Education Arrangements in the Shift Towards Less Segregation in the Netherlands" (Aryan van der Leij); (21) "Remedial Tuition in the Ordinary Class for Pupils with Learning Difficulties in Switzerland" (Gerard Bless); (22) "The National Curriculum, Educational Standards and the Local Management of English Schools" (Klaus Wedell); (23) "Models of Funding to Support Inclusion in England and Wales" (Seamus Hegarty); (24) "Fiscal Issues Related to the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Schools in the United States" (Thomas B. Parrish); and (25) "Standards and Assessment in the United States Including Students with Disabilities in Public Accountability Systems" (Martha L. Thurlow). (DB)

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