Impotent Cops: And Their Wee Willy Complex

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Epic Press, 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 158 pages
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Why serious and violent crimes skyrocket in this country's most dangerous and deadly cities is no esoteric mystery. Most cops sworn to "serve and protect" their ever complacent communities are purposely IMPOTENT and suffer from that most powerful and profound of afflictions: THEIR WEE WILLY COMPLEX! Throughout their duty shifts these do-nothing, good-for-nothing, idling and cowardly eunuchs MARK time and WASTE time-if not go into outright HIDING-fiddling with the most piddling of petty operations, habitually conducting themselves as pathological, authority-tripping, out-of-control, control-freak jerk-offs in the process. As the anecdotal evidence in this volume proves the primary "criminal" quarry they target for their severely selective "law enforcement" include rousting and bullying if not brutalizing the most defenseless, harmless and helpless of EASY MARKS-the handicapped and homeless, the poor and peaceable. Not to mention that most threatening menace to society and dreaded bane of impotent cops everyplace: necking couples in parked cars displaying justifiable contempt-of-covetous-cops attitudes! So the impotent who can't perform compulsively persecute those who can. How? By abusing their officious authority in their piss-poor attempts to prove their missing manhood. This book boldly peels off their pants to expose the puniest of these impotent shrimps!

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