Impression Management in the Workplace: Research, Theory and Practice

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Routledge, 2010. okt. 4. - 256 oldal
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Wanting to create a favorable impression with others is a basic part of human nature in both work and personal life. In this book, Andrew J. DuBrin skillfully provides a guide to the effective use of impression management based on scholarly research and theory, with particular attention to practical application. He highlights not only impressions that individuals make, but those made by entire organizations.

Self-tests and questionnaires allow readers to pinpoint how they currently employ impression management techniques in their work lives. Each chapter includes a section on "Guidelines for Application and Skill Development" that provides real-world advice based on the theories and research outlined in the chapter.

With this book, students will glean the best methods for creating positive, career-building impressions in current and future positions.


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Preface xiv
Impression Management Related to the Job Interview 136
CHAPTER2ACybernetic Model
About theAuthor xvi CHAPTER 1TheMeaning and Nature of Impression
Guidelines for Application and Practice 154
CHAPTER 2 A Cybernetic Model of Impression Management 16
Comparator 25
SelfPerceived Technical Orientation as aVariable that Influences Flattery 110 Opinion Conformity as a Method of Ingratiation 111
Procrastinationas SelfHandicapping 123
Apologizingand PardonSeeking 129 Excuses andtheSelfServing Bias 129 Recovering from aMajor Error on the Job131 Anger Control 132 Guidelin...
Basking inReflectedGlory 140
Situational Attributesthat Influence the Choice of Impression
Impression Management during Performance Evaluation 152
Spin as Impression Management 184

of Impression Management 16
Individual Factors Contributing to Impression Management 38
Situational Factors Contributing toImpression Management 53 ContextualVariables Influencing Impression Management 54
CHAPTER 3Individualand Organizational Contributing Factors 38
ImpressionManagementRelevant Characteristics
CHAPTER 5SurfaceLevel Approaches to SelfPresentation 80 Clothing Dressand Appearance81
Being Impressive by Making Others Feel Good 101 Ingratiation forEnhancing Others 102

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A szerzőről (2010)

Andrew J. DuBrin is a Professor of Management emeritus at the E. Philip Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he has taught courses and conducts research in leadership, organizational behavior, influence processes, and career management.

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