In Defence of Conspiracy Theories: With Examples from Irish and International History and Politics

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Brian Nugent, 2008 - Reference - 384 pages
This book is an attempt to address the widespread criticism of 'conspiracy theories', raising issues like: the control and negligence of the main organs of the media and police which make it difficult for true information to reach the public (and hence the public remain in ignorance of - and dismiss as a 'conspiracy theory' - the true facts); and the public's habit of underestimating the complexity of modern day politics. A number of complex political plots and allegations are described in detail including: the 1641 Rebellion, British Intelligence manipulation of the 1919-21 Irish leaders, Secret Societies and the role of Occult organisations in Ireland and around the world, the allegations that Martin McGuinness is a British agent, and the motivation behind large scale immigration into Ireland. The author also addresses the question of value systems in modern Western societies and asks are even these being manipulated in order to assist the process of political control.

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In Defence of Conspiracy Theories
The 1641 Rebellion
Were most of the Irish leaders of the 191921 War really
Secret Societies in Ireland
Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Case of Sarah Bland
Hypnosis and Trauma Mind Manipulation Technology 206 7 Russia in the crosshairs
Is Martin McGuinness a British Agent?
Crisis and Corruption in the Catholic Church
Irish Immigration a state orEU conspiracy? 274 11 How to create a Value System in a population to make

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