In Our Own Words: Extraordinary Speeches of the American Century

Senator Robert Torricelli, Andrew Carroll
Simon and Schuster, 2000 - 450 páginas
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This bestselling collection of American oratory is the most comprehensive anthology of its kind: a record of twentieth-century America captured in the words that inspired and infuriated, electrified and galvanized its people. Decade by decade, generation to generation, history unfolds in the famous and infamous expressions of Americans from all walks of life: poets and politicians, artists and astronauts, soldiers and sports legends, preachers and pacifists, humorists and hell-raisers.
In Our Own Words bears witness to the forces that swept our nation -- two World Wars, Prohibition, the Depression, the Cold War, the Civil Rights era, Vietnam, the Reagan era, and beyond -- and features the voices of Theodore Roosevelt * Booker T. Washington * Mark Twain * Emma Goldman * Woodrow Wilson * Marcus Garvey * Oliver Wendell Holmes * George S. Patton * Pearl Buck * Orson Welles * Jackie Robinson * Joseph McCarthy * Rachel Carson * Vince Lombardi * Barry Goldwater * John F. Kennedy * J. Edgar Hoover * Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. * Malcolm X * Richard M. Nixon * Frank Zappa * Elie Wiesel * Charlton Heston * Ryan White * Duke Ellington * Billy Graham * Barbara Jordan * Bill Clinton * Cesar Chavez * Helen Keller...and dozens of others who tell the story of their age from their podiums and soapboxes, courtrooms and convention halls.

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IN OUR OWN WORDS: Extraordinary Speeches of the American Century

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The last hundred years" worth of our most historical, powerful—and progressive—verbal addresses. The co-editors have very different qualifications. Senator Torricelli (D-N.J.) gives newsworthy ... Ler crítica na íntegra

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This is a great book for anyone. It includes all different types of speeches and speakers. Whether you are liberal, republican, or non of the above, you will enjoy reading this collection. I also ... Ler crítica na íntegra


Anarchist Emma Goldman Derides Patriotism as a Menace
Oscar Ameringer Describes Intolerable Suffering Throughout
Baseball Great Lou Gehrig Suffering from a Fatal Disease Thanks
Journalist Dorothy Thompson Imagines the Horror of a World
General Dwight D Eisenhower Drafts a Message of Apology
Death of Franklin D Roosevelt
General Douglas MacArthur Offers Words of Peace After Japan Signs
Nobel Laureate WiUiam Faulkner Expresses His Heartfelt Belief That
Dr Martin Luther King Jr Electrifies a Nation with His Call for
President John E Kennedy Pays Tribute to the Poet Robert Frost
Senator Barry Goldwater Exclaims at the 1964 Republican Convention
Presidential Candidate Ronald Reagan Vows a National Crusade
Student Dissident ShenTong Offers a Firsthand Account of the Violent
The Reverend Billy Graham After the Oklahoma City Bombing Offers

Robert H Jackson Demands a Verdict of Guilty for the Nazi Leaders
Secretary of State George Marshall Announces a Plan to Save
Bill Henderson Laments Societys Increasing Dependence
Journalist Tom Brokaw Looks Back on the Triumphs and Turmoils
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Senator Robert Torricelli (D-NJ), is a member of the Governmental Affairs, Judiciary, Rules, and Foreign Relations committees. He writes all of his own speeches.

Andrew Carroll is the editor of the bestselling Letters of a Nation: A Collection of Extraordinary American Letters and the founder of the Legacy Project, a national effort to seek out and preserve historically significant correspondence by Americans from all walks of life.

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