In a Spirit of Survival: A True Story about a Strange Case of Abduction That Led to a Spiritual Journey

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NexGen Human is a call to high adventure! The adventure of your life!

We live in a dynamic, ever changing world. To paraphrase Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, "Toto, we ain't in Kansas anymore." In this day and age we are challenged like no other human before with overwhelming choices, overwhelming information, and an overwhelming focus on fear. In this new world, ironically, what used to be luxuries are now necessities:

Living your passions,

Delivering your gifts to the world,

Connecting to your heart,

Accessing deep sources of wisdom,

Transforming limiting beliefs, and

Being fully alive, loving your life each and every day.

The world is demanding your transformation and this book will show you the way. Take a deep breath and ask yourself now "Is this book for me?" Then trust your intuitive instinct and choose to move in the direction of your drea

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