In cap and bells

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J. Lane, 1899 - Poetry - 144 pages
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Page 4 - Stolid he gazed, as one that may not know The meaning of a presage — or is bored ; But when he loosed his lips it was as though The sea that roared.
Page 6 - twixt Plenty and peace. XXI. Andlo! we call you ALFRED! Kinglihood Lies in the name of Him, the Good and Great! You may not rise to greatness; O be good At any rate !
Page 137 - Lover of children ! Fellow-heir with those Of whom the imperishable kingdom is ! Beyond all dreaming now your spirit knows The unimagined mysteries. Darkly as in a glass our faces look To read ourselves, if so we may, aright; You, like the maiden in your faerie book— You step...
Page 11 - With slime that slithers and germs that slay; And the amorous microbe leaves his lair, And walks abroad with a wicked air, And unabashed the wanton chases By nebulous noon his palsied prey. For the Silly Season is past and over, Gone with the equinoctial gales; That sinuous hoax, the hoar sea-rover, Curbs the pride of his prancing scales; And the giant gooseberry misbegotten Lies in the limbo of all things rotten, The savour that clings to last year's clover, The loves that follow the light that...
Page 2 - The moke uplift for joy his hinder hoof; Shivered the fancy poodle, freshly shorn; The prodigal upon the attic roof Mewed to the morn. His virile note the cock profusely blew; The beetle trotted down the kitchen tong; The early bird above alluded to Was going strong. All this of course refers to England's isle, But things were going on across the deep; In Egypt — take a case — the crocodile Was sound asleep.
Page 3 - May was the month alike in croft and wild When — here, in fact, begins the actual tale — When forth withal there came an infant child, A healthy male.
Page 73 - He melts us with his artless grace, Despite the spelling, which is feeble. Here still we have the moorland view Where furrowing becks debouch in ocean ; The sea-mews wail, the sea-whales mew, The billows still retain their motion ; Yonder the same old eagles screech, Nothing disturbs the ancient feeling, Save where you sniff from Whitby beach The fume of bloaters faintly stealing. You '11 note the cross which I propose To offer our lamented brother ; One side presents an English rose, An apple-tree...
Page 6 - ... Meanwhile, to trust you with a pointed pen, Dear babe, would manifestly be absurd; Besides all well-conducted little men Are seen, not heard. "First, how to tutor your prehensile mind Shall be the object of our deep concern ; We'll teach you grammar ; grammar, you will Jind, Takes years to learn.
Page 137 - No longer dreaming, now your spirit knows The unimagined mysteries. Darkly as in a glass our faces look To read ourselves, if so we may, aright; You, like the maiden in your faerie book, You step beyond and see the light! The heart you wore beneath your pedant's cloak Only to children's hearts you gave away; Yet unaware in half the world you woke The slumbering charm of childhood's day. We older children, too, our loss lament, We of the " Table Round," remembering well How he, our comrade, with his...
Page 9 - At length a callous Tory Chief arose, Master of caustic jest and cynic gibe, Looked round the Carlton Club and lightly chose Its leading scribe.

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