In the Meadow - Forgotten

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Literary Collections - 164 pages
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Today the world stands in an imperative need for a code of universal teachings, such as Islam (Peace). It is our foremost duty to depict the teachings of Islam in its true perspective. In Europe, America, and even in India, there are still prevalent gross misconceptions and wrong notions about Islam and also about the Holy Prophet of Islam.

This book contains comments, quotations, and writings from hundreds of eminent scholars, writers, and thinkers of the Non-Muslim world to show the real truth about Islam and its Prophet. As an American lady converted to Islam remarked, "The Muslims of to-day do not know the real meaning of Islam and the work life, example and precepts of their Prophet. Most of the to-day Muslims are living in gross ignorance of the true teachings of Islam."

This book is needed at this juncture of the World when it is torn into blocks by ideologies and there is an impending danger of the annihilation of the whole human race and its beautiful civilization by nuclear, chemical, and other weapons of mass destruction. Today a nations status and existence should depend on superior ideology and not on arms and ammunition. Islam alone can supply this all-comprehensive superior ideology to be applied to the pressing problems of the present day World.

Absolute faith in one and only one humanity earnestly taught by Islam can alone save the World and the modern civilization from degradation, destruction, and utter ruination.

Islam and its holy prophet have a message to the whole mankind. The message is: The world in which we have our beings does not belong to us.

It is a God's trust to men and women. All the powers, all the greatness that mankind posses should be ever used, employed as God's trust and according to this law and commandments. Men and women must not think themselves as master of all things and should not use them arbitrarily.

They must think themselves as divine instruments to carry out God's trust faithfully and justly. Islam enjoys one universal brotherhood of all human beings and one humanity. This is what the present enlightened and think World is seeking as a new comradeship, a universal fellowship, a World community, a deeper understanding and peace above all.

Another purpose of this book is to present Europe and America and to the Non-Muslim world a real and true picture of Islam and its Holy Prophet as told by their own people in order to remove them from the mind of the Western people of these prejudiced wrong notions, erroneous biases, and obsession against Islam and its founder.

The liberal attitude of Islam to freedom of belief and thought is one of the fundamental tenets of Islam which established rights of human beings more than fourteen hundred years ago as part of creed as a universal message to humanity.

This message is of utmost importance to the present state of human development. If the present day Muslims can intelligently appreciate the message of Islam and truly act thereupon, they would be able to regain confidence in themselves and contribute effectively to the peace and happiness of mankind. This is another purpose of this book.

If the Western and Non-Muslim people could appreciate the teachings of Islam and its Holy Prophet, they would see the truth and would be glad to cooperate with the Muslims in the up-hill task of making this World a heaven for peaceful, prosperous, and brotherly living and for that noble purpose to form a universal brotherhood of all mankind.

I express my obligation and gratitude to those from whose books and writings quotations have been made.

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