In the Steps of St. Paul

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Read Books, Mar 1, 2007 - Biography & Autobiography - 556 pages
IN THE STEPS OF ST. PAUL By H. V. MORTON WITH MAPS. ILLUSTRATED FROM PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARY AND H. V. MORTON DODD, MEAD 8c COMPANY NEW YORK 1936 VI CONTENTS PAGE I see the stream in which Lydia was baptized. In Salonica I see a strange funeral and in Bercea, which is now called Verria, I am told something about St. Paul. CHAPTER EIGHT 295 I stay in Athens and meet a man called Sophocles and another called Byron. On the Acropolis and on the Areopagus I encounter the Athens of St. Paul. My friends introduce me to the life of modern Athens and, in the heat of afternoon, I bathe at Phaleron. CHAPTER NINE 331 I follow the steps of St. Paul from Athens to Corinth, where Amer ican archaeologists are revealing the city in which the Apostle preached. I climb to the summit of Aero-Corinth, meet a Greek who tells me something about peasant superstition and, journeying to Cenchreae, find that the once famous port is now a deserted bay. CHAPTER TEN 366 Describes a journey to Ephesus, the site of the Temple of Diana, and the theatre in which the silversmiths demonstrated against St. Paul, I voyage to Palestine, stay with Carmelite Fathers, and visit Caesarea. I then take ship to Malta, where I see the bay of the ship wreck, travel on to Naples, and reach Rome. My journey ends at the tomb of St. Paul. CHRONOLOGY OF ST. PAULS LIFE 479 HOW ST. PAUL CAME TO WRITE HIS EPISTLES 481 BIBLIOGRAPHY 484 INDEX 489 C. ORIMII ILLUSTRATIONS CORINTH Frontispiece FACIHO PAGE TEMPLE AREA, JERUSALEM Following 12 THE OLD WALL, DAMASCUS 56 TENT-MAKERS, TARSUS 68 ANCIENT AQUEDUCT, ANTIOCH IN SYRIA 84 ROCK CARVINGS, ANTIOCH 1OO BAY OF SELEUCIA Il6 FORUM, SALAMIS 13 A PAINTER OF IKONS, CYPRUS 148 PILLARS OF ST. PAUL, CYPRUS164 PEAKS OF ST. PHILIP AND ST. THECLA, KONYA iCONIUM l8o THE ROAD TO LYSTRA 212 ROMAN INSCRIPTION AT LYSTRA 228 SITE OF DERBF 244 RUINS OF PHILIPPI Following 260 BYZANTINE WALL, SAI. ONICA 276 A STREET IN VERRIA ANCIENT BERCEA 292 ON THE ACROPOLIS, ATHENS 308 BAY OF CENCHRE 340 SITE OF THE TEMPLE OF DIANA, EPHESUS 372 A CARMELITE MONK 380 Vii Vlll ILLUSTRATIONS FACING PACK EPHESU8, FROM THE THEATRE 88 REMAINS OF ST. PAULS CHURCH, C4SAREA 404 ST. PAULS BAY, MALTA 4j6 ST. PAULS WITHOUT THE WALL, ROME 45 MAPS IN THE STEPS OF ST. PAUL Front lining THE ROMAN WORLD OF ST. PAUL Back lining INTRODUCTION THE modern traveller who takes the Acts of the Apostles as his guide-book, as I have done, journeys into a part of the world which once enjoyed the unity of the Roman Empire and is now divided among many nations. Where he is held up at national frontiers, to pass onward under a different flag and among men who speak a different tongue, St. Paul moved forward over a Roman road, speaking Greek all the time. It follows, therefore, that travel was easier for St. Paul than for those who follow him, for the great commercial highways along which he moved, and the famous ports from whose har bours he set sail, are no longer the main highways of the world. What was to St. Paul a progress along the best-known roads of the Roman Empire, becomes, to the modern traveller, a series of explorations from the beaten track. The harbour of Anti och is desolate, and Ephesus is a nesting-place for the stork. In the course of four journeys to the Near East, I was for tunate enough to traverse the varied territory of the three Pauline missions. For the guidance of those who may feel a desire to make this journey, ora part of it, I should say that there is nothing that cannot be done, given time and patience, and only in very remote places will the visitor feel compelled to make the Aristophanic inquiry Which inn is the least in teresting en tomologically Palestine and Syria are now, of course, well known to trav ellers, but Antioch and Aleppo are, naturally, more familiar to the French than to the English...

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