In the Garden of Dreams: Lyrics and Sonnets

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Roberts brothers, 1890 - 170 pages
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Page 77 - Poor child, poor child': and as he turned away Came a deep silence, and I knew he wept. He did not touch the shroud, or raise the fold That hid my face, or take my hand in his, Or ruffle the smooth pillows for my head: He did not love me living; but once dead He pitied me; and very sweet it is To know he still is warm though I am cold.
Page 107 - I here her placid picture paint With touch that shall be delicate, yet sure ? Soft hair above a brow so high and pure Years have not soiled it with an earthly taint, Needing no aureole to prove her saint ; Firm mind that no temptation could allure ; Soul strong to do, heart stronger to endure ; And calm, sweet lips, that utter no complaint. So have I seen her, in my darkest days And when her own most sacred ties were riven, Walk tranquilly in self-denying ways, Asking for strength, and sure it would...
Page 83 - Love is dead that has been quick so long ! Close, then, his eyes, and bear him to his rest, With eglantine and myrtle on his breast, And leave him there, their pleasant scents among ; And chant a sweet and melancholy song About the charms whereof he was possessed, And how of all things he was loveliest, And to compare with aught were him to wrong.
Page 169 - Oh, to go back to the days of June, Just to be young and alive again, Hearken again to the mad, sweet tune Birds were singing with might and main : South they flew at the summer's wane, Leaving their nests for storms to harry. Since time was coming for wind and rain Under the wintry skies to marry. Wearily wander by dale and dune Footsteps fettered with clanking chain — Free they were in the days of June, Free they never can be again : Fetters of age, and fetters of pain, Joys that fly, and sorrows...
Page 9 - THE moving accident is not my trade : To freeze the blood I have no ready arts : 'Tis my delight, alone in summer shade, To pipe a simple song for thinking hearts.
Page 111 - A moment after, and hands unseen Were hanging the night around us fast; But we knew that a bar was broken between Life and life: we were mixed at last In spite of the mortal screen.
Page 11 - I see your gentle ghoste arise ; You look at me with mournful eyes, And then the night grows vague and vast ; You have gone back to Paradise. Why did you fleet away, dear days? You were so welcome when you came ; The morning skies were all aflame; The birds sang matins in your praise ; All else of life you put to shame. Did I not honor you aright, I, who but lived to see you shine, Who felt your very pain divine, Thanked God and warmed me in your light, Or quaffed your tears as they were wine? What...
Page 13 - D OUND among the quiet graves, -^ When the sun was low, Love went grieving, — Love who saves : Did the sleepers know? At his touch the flowers awoke, At his tender call Birds into sweet singing broke, And it did befall From the blooming, bursting sod All Love's dead arose, And went flying up to God By a way Love knows.
Page 122 - If I were pouring at Thy feet my tears, If I were clamoring to see Thy face, I should not need Thee, Lord, as now I need, Whose dumb, dead soul knows neither hopes nor fears...
Page 15 - Or the snows of winter their ghostly spell Wrought in the long and lonesome night. They remembered a younger world than ours, Before the trees on their top were born, When the old brown house was itself a tree, And waste were the fields where now you see The winds astir in the tasselled corn. And I was as young as the hills were old, And the world was warm with the breath of spring,. And the roses red and the lilies white Budded and bloomed for my heart's delight, And the birds in my heart began...

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