In Vinculis: Or, The Prisoner of War, Being the Experience of a Rebel in Two Federal Pens, Interspersed with Reminiscences of the Late War, Anecdotes of Southern Generals, Etc

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Blelock & Company, 1866 - United States - 216 pages
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Page 181 - I speak in all reverence when I say, that I do not believe such a spectacle was seen before on earth, since the sick, and the maimed, and the afflicted of every sort crowded for help and healing round the Saviour's feet. Four or five officers took the paroles on the long porch which ran along the front of the hospitals, and having nothing better to do, I spent an hour or two watching the scene. As soon as the announcement was made in the various hospitals that the parole lists were ready, those who...
Page 18 - ... was unscrewed ! I now began to be overwhelmed with apprehensions that I was destined to act exclusively as a lay figure in the drama about to be put on the boards, and my vanity not a little recoiled from the prospect of playing dummy in the game, when a friend, commiserating my perplexity, handed me a gun left in his tent by a comrade who had gone to town " on leave" that morning, and who was not likely to return.
Page 146 - Chinese delicacies commanded an average price of about four cents apiece — in greenbacks. 1 have seen scores of them in various states of preparation, and have been assured by those who indulged in them that worse things have been eaten — an estimate of their value that I took on trust. Others found in the barrels of refuse fat, which were accumulated at the cook-house, and in the pickings of the bones, which were cut out of the meat and thrown out in a dirty heap back of the kitchen, to be removed...
Page 139 - meds" were, in truth, a motley crew in the main, most of them being selected from the impossibility, it would seem, of doing any thing else with them. I remember one of the worthies, whose miraculous length of leg and neck suggested " crane" to all observers, whose innocence of medicine was quite refreshing.
Page 15 - ... that this signal, theretofore consecrated to the annunciation of fire, should thenceforth in Petersburg serve the purpose, further, of heralding the approach of another "devouring element,
Page 68 - They ranged themselves in long lines between the rows of tents, with their blankets and haversacks —those being the only articles considered orthodox possessions of a rebel. A Yankee inspected each man, 'taking away his extra blanket, if he had one, and appropriating any other superfluity he might chance to possess ; and this accomplished, he visited the tents and seized every thing therein that under, the convenient nomenclature of the Federals was catalogued as " contraband" — blankets, boots,...
Page 144 - Now, the proportion of North Carolinians was nothing even approximating what might have been expected from this record. I commit the fact to Mr. Gradgrind. Can it be explained by the great attachment the people of that State have for their homes ? The second was the absolute absence of any death from intermittent fever, or any analogous disease. Now, I knew well that many of the sick died from this, and kindred diseases produced by the miasma of the stagnant lake in our camp ; but the reports, which...
Page 66 - Common gallantry forbids the characterization of this remarkable extract in harsher terms than to say that it is untrue in every particular. It is quite likely that some Yankee official at Point Lookout made this statement to the benevolent itinerant, and her only fault may be in suppressing the fact that she "ivas informed,
Page 22 - ... that this was a party we could easily manage, and we possessed, therefore, our souls in great patience, till we could see the chevrons on the arm of the non-commissioned officer who led them — a brave fellow — and then there broke forth (from such amiable muskets as could be induced to go off) a discharge that scattered the cavaliers like chaff, — three riderless horses being all of the expedition that entered our lines. The incident was trifling in the extreme, but it saved Petersburg,...
Page 20 - Petersburgers, in times of peace, the beatific vision of Sussex hams and Southampton brandy. This work, intended to accommodate two pieces of artillery, but then all innocent of ordnance, was accompanied by a line of low breastworks running out on either flank to afford shelter to such infantry as might be destined to support the guns, while beyond, on each side, lay a level and accessible country, inviting easy approach to man or beast. There was nothing in the character of the position to give...

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