Inaccurate and Unfair Billing Practices: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Consumer Credit of the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, United States Congress, Ninety-third Congress, First Session, on S. 1630 and S. 914 to Amend the Truth in Lending Act to Protect Consumers Agains Inaccurate and Unfair Billing Practices, and for Other Purposes

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1973 - 460페이지
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170 페이지 - System, notwithstanding that such rule or regulation may, after such act or omission, be amended or rescinded or be determined by judicial or other authority to be invalid for any reason.
165 페이지 - In determining the amount of award in any class action, the court shall consider, among other relevant factors, the amount of any actual damages awarded, the frequency and persistence of failures of compliance by the creditor, the resources of the creditor, the number of persons adversely affected, and the extent to which the creditor's failure of compliance was intentional.
170 페이지 - Commission, notwithstanding that such rule, regulation, or order may, after such act or omission, be amended or rescinded or be determined by judicial or other authority to be invalid for any reason.
157 페이지 - This title does not apply to the following : (1) Credit transactions involving extensions of credit for business or commercial purposes, or to government or governmental agencies or instrumentalities, or to organizations. (2) -Transactions in securities or commodities accounts by a broker-dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. (3) Credit transactions, other than real property transactions, in which the total amount to be financed exceeds $25,000.
228 페이지 - There is no liability under this chapter on the part of any owner or personnel, as such, of any medium in which an advertisement appears or through which it is disseminated.
172 페이지 - ... (1) twice the amount of the finance charge in connection with the transaction, except that the liability under this paragraph shall not be less than $100 nor greater than $1,000 ; and (2) in the case of any successful action to enforce the foregoing liability, the costs of the action together with a reasonable attorney's fee as determined by the court.
159 페이지 - ... (c) A creditor may not be held liable in any action brought under this section for a violation of this chapter if the creditor shows by a preponderance of evidence that the violation was not intentional and resulted from a bona fide error notwithstanding the maintenance of procedures reasonably adapted to avoid any such error.
8 페이지 - ... allowed for payment under subsection (a) of this section, a creditor may not report to any third party that the amount of the obligor is delinquent because the obligor has failed to pay an amount which he has indicated under section...
8 페이지 - ... unless the creditor also reports that the amount is in dispute and, at the same time, notifies the obligor of the name and address of each party to whom the creditor is reporting information concerning the delinquency. (c...
213 페이지 - Subject to the limitation contained in subsection (b), a card issuer who has issued a credit card to a cardholder pursuant to an open end consumer credit plan shall be subject to all claims (other than tort claims) and defenses arising out of any transaction in which the credit card is used as a method of payment or extension of credit...

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