Inaugural Address of [the Governor]

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Page 18 - Fixing a time for Electing a Senator of the United States. Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia : That the two houses proceed on Tuesday, the thirty-first instant, at eleven o,clock, AM, to the election of a Senator of the United States, to fill the vacancy that will occur on the fourth of March next, by the expiration of the term of Hon. WT Willey. ADOPTED, January 20, 1865. [No. 4.] Designating certain Documents to be Printed. Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia : I.
Page 17 - January, 1943 session of the Legislature, an act was passed creating a State Board of Horse Riding Schools in the Department of Agriculture and Conservation.
Page 6 - I am not aware that any further legislation upon the subject is contemplated. If it is, I can only invite you to give it the calm and deliberate consideration to which a subject matter of such magnitude, involving principles so important and consequences so momentous — the moral welfare and civil rights of the people — is entitled. But I would here, as elsewhere, in the name of humanity, forbid the banns between temperance and religious sect or political party.
Page 4 - But, however that may be, as a politician of the old school he naturally regarded the Maine Law with some disfavor, as a disturbing element in the politics of the state. In his inaugural address, Governor Crosby, in referring to the subject of temperance, said: " In entering upon a new year, it may not be inappropriate to call to mind for a few moments the year which is past. It has been an eventful one in the history of our own state, of the Union, and the civilized world. It will be remembered...
Page 5 - ... the way, Noah Smith, of Calais, who reported the original Maine Law, was again chairman on the part of the house, subsequently reported some amendments to the law. I make the following extracts from the report which accompanied the bill: " That they fully respond to the declaration in the address ' That the people of the state demand a law sufficiently stringent to close effectually every haunt of intemperance within its borders, is undeniably true'; they also feel that it is justly a subject...
Page 6 - ... attainment of its proposed object is concerned, has become inoperative. That the people of the State demand a law sufficiently stringent to close effectually every haunt of intemperance within its borders is undeniably true; but a statute whose provisions cannot be enforced in courts of law, although even sustained by the moral sentiment of the people, is a dead letter upon the statute book.

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