Incidence and Regulation of Opsin Expression in the Retina of Salmonid Fishes

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Simon Fraser University (Canada), 2007 - 183 pages
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The sequence of cone opsin appearance in salmonid fishes is SWS I (UV), followed by LWS (red), RH2 (green) and SWS2 (blue) opsin. All opsins are first expressed in a small patch of cells in the centrotemporal retina, and expression then proceeds towards the dorsal retina. Single cones express a UV opsin at hatching (lambdamax of the visual pigment ∼ 365 nm), and these cones later transform into blue cones by opsin switch (lambda max of the blue visual pigment ∼ 434 nm). Cones undergoing the UV to blue opsin switch exhibit a spectral absorbance profile characterized by blue absorbance at the base and UV absorbance at the tip of the outer segment. Double cones contain green (lambdamax ∼ 510 nm) or red (lambda max ∼ 565 nm) visual pigments (one per member) and, like the rods (lambdamax ∼ 508 nm), do not exhibit opsin changeover.

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