Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan, Volym 2

Harper & Brothers, 1848

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Sida 344 - Here were the remains of a cultivated, polished, and peculiar people, who had passed through all the stages incident to the rise and fall of nations ; reached their golden age, and perished, entirely unknown. The links which connected them with the human family were severed and lost, and these were the only memorials of their footsteps upon earth.
Sida 396 - The ornaments, which succeed each other, are all different ; the whole form an extraordinary mass of richness and complexity, and the effect is both grand and curious. And the construction of these ornaments is not less peculiar and striking than the general effect. There were no tablets or single stones, each representing separately and...
Sida 424 - The whole was ornamented with works of art painted, and admirably plastered and whitened, and it was rendered more delightful by numbers of beautiful birds." "The palace in which we were lodged was very light, airy, clean, and pleasant, the entry being through a great court.
Sida 405 - There is no rudeness or barbarity in the design or proportions ; on the contrary, the whole wears an air of architectural symmetry and grandeur ; and as the stranger ascends the steps and casts a bewildered eye along its open and desolate doors, it is hard to believe that he sees before him the work of a race in whose epitaph, as written by historians, they are called ignorant of art, and said to have perished in the rudeness of savage life.
Sida 443 - Walker's Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names.
Sida 184 - I do verily believe there is much ground to suppose that what the padre told us is authentic. That the region referred to does not acknowledge the government of Guatemala — has never been explored — and that no white man ever pretends to enter it, I am satisfied. From other sources we heard that...
Sida 184 - He was then young, and with much labour climbed to the naked summit of the sierra, from which, at a height of ten or twelve thousand feet, he looked over an immense plain extending to Yucatan and the Gulf of Mexico, and saw at a great distance a large city spread over a great space, and with turrets white and glittering in the sun.
Sida 286 - They are more than half an inch long, and have a sharp moveable horn on the head : when laid on the back they cannot turn over except by pressing this horn against a membrane upon the front. Behind the eyes are two round transparent substances, full of luminous matter, about as large as the head of a pin, and underneath is a larger membrane containing the same luminous substance. Four of them together threw a brilliant light for several yards around ; and by the light of a single one we read distinctly...
Sida 344 - ... arts, their wealth and power. In the midst of desolation and ruin we looked back to the past, cleared away the- gloomy forest, and fancied every building perfect, with its terraces and pyramids, its sculptured and painted ornaments, grand, lofty, and imposing, and overlooking an immense inhabited plain ; we called back into life the strange people who gazed at...

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