Independent Elementary Speller

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A.S. Barnes, 1877
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Page 15 - In many trisyllables and polysyllables, of two syllables accented, one is uttered with greater force than the other. The more forcible accent is called primary, and the less forcible, secondary.
Page 133 - ... avert, to turn from. AD, to ; as, advert, to turn to. AD becomes AC, AG, AL, AP, etc., according as the word to which it is prefixed begins with c, g, I, etc. ANTE, before ; as, antedate, to date before. ANTI, against ; as, awfo'slavery, against slavery.
Page 8 - Consonants' are the letters that usually represent either subtonic or atonic elements. They are of two kinds, single letters and combined, including all the letters...
Page 147 - L. After death. Prima facie, L. From the first view; self-evident. Pro bono publico, L. For the public good. Pro et con, ie, pro et contra, L. For and against. Pro tem'pore, L. For the time. Quantum libet, L. As much as you please.
Page 14 - WORDS ARE DIVIDED into primitive, derivative, simple, and compound. 3. A PRIMITIVE WORD is not derived, but constitutes a root from which other words are formed ; as, faith, ease. 4. A DERIVATIVE WORD is formed of a primitive and an affix or prefix ; as, faith/wZ, disease.
Page 9 - ALPHABETIC EQUIVALENTS are letters, or combinations of letters, that represent the same elements, or sounds ; thus, i is an equivalent of e, in pique.
Page 147 - Pos'se comitatus, L. The power of the county ; an armed body. Post meridiem, L. Afternoon. Post mor'tem L. After death. Prima facie, L. From the first view ; self-evident. Pro bono publico, L. For the public good. Pro et con, ie, pro et contra, I* For and against.
Page 5 - ... by frequently writing exercises from dictation; that, by a thorough classification, the spelling and pronunciation of extended lists of words may be learned with nearly the same facility as of separate ones; and that Orthoepy and Orthography should be simultaneously taught. Much attention has...
Page 8 - A TRIPHTHONG is the union of three vowels in one syllable ; as, eau in beau, ieu in adieu.
Page 146 - The spirit of a body of men. Et csetera, L. And so forth. Exit, L. He goes off. Ex'e unt omnes, L. All go off. Exempli gratia, L. For the sake of example. Ex cathedra, L. From the chair. Ex curia, L. Out of court. Ex officio, L. By virtue of office. Ex par'te, L. On one side ; on the part of. Expose (eks po zi'), F. A laying open ; a formal statement of reasons, facts, &c. Extem'pore, L. On the spur of the moment. Fac sim

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