Index-digest of Decisions of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of Georgia: Embracing Georgia Reports, Volumes 101-151; Georgia Appeals Reports, Volume 4, Pages 2925-3903

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George Webb Stevens, Bascom Sine Deaver
Harrison Company, 1922 - Law reports, digests, etc

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Page 3664 - One consenting that judge may reserve decision until vacation will not be heard to complain that he did not receive notice of the time and place of the decision.
Page 3517 - ... a statute properly drawn, imposing a tax at a given rate upon the earnings of a corporation, as an exclusive tax and in lieu of all other taxes upon the property of the corporation, would be valid, even though the tax were made to fall upon interstate earnings, as well as upon earnings derived from business entirely within the State. FROM ADDRESS BY PROFESSOR CARL C. PLEHN DELIVERED AT FIRST CONFERENCE OF THE NATIONAL TAX ASSOCIATION HELD AT COLUMBUS, OHIO, 1907
Page 2925 - ... limitations on revocations, countermands and payments and stop-payment orders relating to the payment of any check or draft against bank accounts. (Ch. 37, Gen. laws 1921) t Park, OA Park's banking law of Georgia, as amended 1920, with the trust company and state depository acts, annotated; digest of decisions of the supreme court and court of appeals of Georgia on banks and banking; opinions of the general counsel of the Georgia bankers
Page 3386 - He may store or retain the property for the vendee, and sue for the contract price. (2) He may keep the goods as his own, and recover the excess of the contract price over and above the market price of the goods at the time and place of delivery. Or (3) he may sell them at the vendee's risk, and sue the vendee for the difference between the contract price and the price...
Page 3706 - SPENDTHRIFT TRUST — VALIDITY — FOREIGN WILL — CONSTRUCTION — INVALID REMAINDER CLAUSE — RECEIVER SALE — TITLE CONVEYED. 1. Where the law permits the creation of a spendthrift trust, and a will or deed creates such a trust, the trust is prima facie valid, and the burden is on the beneficiaries to show that they are not within any of the classes described in the statute allowing such trusts to be created. 2. A trust of this character, created in the State of Pennsylvania, whose laws allow...
Page 3486 - It is also sometimes said that the proof of the contract must be so clear, strong, and satisfactory as to leave no reasonable doubt...
Page 2982 - Because the affidavit of illegality does not allege any facts to show why the said execution is illegal, nor why the amount of the same is not due, either in whole or in part.
Page 3670 - Proper judgment on, where suit was based on vendor's reservation of title, and defendant set up part payment of purchase money and tendered balance, and the jury found for defendant in the amount of the payment.
Page 2972 - Order sustaining demurrer and allowing a stated time to amend fixed the law of the case, where not excepted to in due time; rejection of amendment not conforming to terms of this order was proper.
Page 3527 - Georgia will take judicial notice that the mass of property in the state is made up of lands and the different forms of personalty, such notice cannot be taken as to the quantity of personalty.

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