Indiana, Past and Present, Band 1

M. R. Hyman Company, 1914
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Seite 8 - ... hereby authorized, to form for themselves a Constitution and State government, and to assume such name as they shall deem proper; and the said State when formed shall be admitted into the Union upon the same footing with the original States, in all respects whatsoever.
Seite 23 - In all the cases enumerated in the preceding section, and in all other cases where a general law can be made applicable, all laws shall be general, and of uniform operation throughout the State.
Seite 6 - ... the Commonwealth of Virginia is pledged to accomplish it. But if these people will not accede to these reasonable demands, they must feel the miseries of war, under the direction of that humanity that has hitherto distinguished Americans, and which it is expected you will ever consider as the rule of your conduct, and from which you are in no instance to depart.
Seite 7 - Our said county, as well within liberties as without, according to the force, form, and effect of the same, and to chastise and punish all persons that offend against the form of those...
Seite 10 - ... county, or township, or any other purpose whatever, for the term of five years from and after the day of sale.
Seite 7 - Government; and if they shall refuse to find such Security, then to cause them to be kept safe in Prison until they shall find the same; and to do and perform in the county aforesaid, all and whatsoever, according to the...
Seite 8 - That all white male citizens of the United States, who shall have arrived at the age of twenty-one years, and have resided in said territory six months previous to the day of election...
Seite 6 - It is conjectured that there are many pieces of cannon and military stores, to considerable amount, at that place; the taking and preservation of which would be a valuable acquisition to the State. If you are so fortunate, therefore, as to succeed in your expedition, you will take every possible measure to secure the artillery and stores, and whatever may advantage the State.
Seite 10 - An act to enable the people of the Indiana Territory to form a constitution and State Government, and for the admission of such State into the Union, on an equal footing with the original States...
Seite 8 - Vincents were reduced, and to the officers and soldiers that have been since incorporated into the said regiment, to be laid off in one tract, the length of which not to exceed double the breadth, in such place on the northwest side of the Ohio as a majority of the officers shall choose, and to be afterwards divided among the said officers and soldiers in due proportion according to the laws of Virginia.

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