Indigo-E. T. Connection: The Future of Indigo Children Beyond 2012 and Planet X

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Your Own World, Inc., Dec 1, 2004 - Self-Help - 124 pages
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Indigos are awaking in great numbers to the gentle call of a living universe. Some are cherished and nurtured, but most are forced to struggle with the emotional pain of misunderstanding. Yet, each will feel the same need to explore their own 'Indigo-ness' and their own destiny of evolution and contact.

Indigos are here to help humanity achieve its oldest dream - universal harmony. They will do it by living in service-to-others in the hope of seeing humanity overcome its service-to-self failings. When that happens, our civilizations will no longer grow quickly, erode slowly and then die suddenly. Rather, they will last and they will know love.

As we evolve, off-world races will freely contract us, and Indigos will become our honest liaisons, for they will instinctively know friend from foe. All are born to this role, but not all are destined to fulfill it. This book is dedicated to those who do, and it offers helpful suggestions for future encounters.

Are You an Indigo?

The term "Indigo" describes the hue of the aura (life energy color) that surrounds an Indigo, according to psychic Nancy Ann Tappe, but this is not the only measure. An Indigo will also possess a high IQ, an indomitable sense-of-self and a strong psychic intuition. Born to a natural knowing of things, they quickly sense goodness, compassion, evil intent and crisis in others.

How do true Indigos define themselves? Through their feelings.

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • Am I a recent genetic freak of nature, as the "experts" suggest?
  • Why am I so out-of-sync with this materialistic, consumption-driven society about me?
  • Why, when all I crave is oneness with the universe, do others subjugate me with emotional abuse and drugs?
  • Is there any purpose to my life that can possibly justify all this emotional pain?

The true Indigo instinctively knows that the answers to such questions are found within. Only in this way, can they resonate completely. Regrettably, the quest within is all-to-often marked by the loneliness and emotional pain caused by those who do not understand Indigos, or worse yet, fear them. Still, each Indigo must eventually accept the responsibility of his or her own knowledge quest as no two are exactly alike.

For this reason, the author wrote this book in the hope of giving comfort to young Indigos, by sharing knowledge gained through his own quest. It is also to say to every Indigo, "Each of us follows a different quest, but we all feel and understand your pain. Put it aside and revel in your 'Indigo-ness' and know that you are not alone "


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At a glance at the front cover and title this may appear as a science fiction book with facts imaginary and interesting to be produced in it.But in nature it is a true self help book that elucidates the experience of an indigo child .Being one myself I even tried to write a book ALIEN where the world is divided into two half not by races but by heightened talents and social obedience to reflect my own life experiences with social denial and illogical failures where I failed because my work is too overboard .But now I don't need to write one because one such is available that is" Indigo-E. T. Connection: The Future of Indigo Children Beyond 2012 and Planet X".This one is much better and the fact that the indigo children are pumped with drugs is true to the point .It is not just life experiences depicted here but the ways to deal with them the things every indigo must learn to survive "save yourself not the world".For ergo's this may appear as if the writer is speaking to vaccum but to indigos and their relatives this is THE BOOK they need to read quick.Because everything in this book makes the best of the sense for every indigo this is one that should be in your bookshelf because who knows it may hold a life transformational message for you .For after all it was said that" being yourself is the only way to lead your life and the only way".and this book provides an indigo the confidence and methodology to do it.
Thank you Marshall Masters.


Cry Not Young Indigo
The How and Why of Indigos
Feet Dont Fail Me Now
Needs Desires and Subterfuge
Listening With Your Eyes
Knowing When to Be Vulnerable
Well Meet Again
Internal Knowledge
Making the Connection
Survival Is Not an Option
May You Be Remembered Well

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Marshall Masters is a Planet X / Nibiru researcher, radio personality, and former CNN science features news producer. He publishes Your Own World USA (, an alt-science web site devoted to leading-edge Planet X / Nibiru research and awareness. His related works include The Kolbrin Bible ( and Godschild Covenant: Return of Nibiru.

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