Individual Therapy Manual for Cognitive-behavioral Treatment of Depression

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The Partners in Care (PIC) approach to improving care for depression is a synthesis of knowledge gained during a decade of health services research on depression by many groups of researchers, and reflects a successful, state-of-the-art method of caring for this illness. More than 250 generalist physicians, in collaboration with nurses and mental health specialists, have used the PIC approach and the materials included in this kit to improve mood, reduce family stress, and promote employment retention among a diverse group of patients coming to primary care clinics for their routine medical care. This kit includes complete information and materials for implementing the PIC approach: guidelines for training the primary care clinician, depression nurse specialist, and psychotherapist in identifying patients with depressive symptoms, educating patients about symptoms of depression and its treatment, treating patients with effective Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and/or antidepressants, following up on patients who have completed treatment or who may still need treatment, and preventing recurrences of depression. Patient-education materials are available in English and Spanish. A notable feature of the PIC study has been its emphasis on Latino patients, whom research has shown are the least likely of all ethnic groups to have depression detected by their clinicians. The package includes a user's guide; guidelines for primary.

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