Inductive Interference Between Electric Power and Communication Circuits: Selected Technical Reports with Preliminary and Final Reports of the Joint Committee on Inductive Interference and Commission's General Order for Prevention Or Mitigation of Such Interference

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California State Printing Office, 1919 - Electric engineering - 1160 pages
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Page 86 - Signal lines means the conductors and their supporting or containing structures which are located outside of buildings and are used for public or private signal or communication service and which operate at not exceeding 400 volts to ground or 750 volts between any two points of the circuit and the transmitted power of which does not exceed 150 watts.
Page 45 - ... b. Notice of intention. The party proposing to build a new class H power or a communication line which may create a parallel, or generally to reconstruct or change the operating conditions of an existing line involved in a parallel, shall give due notice (at least sixty days...
Page 88 - Principal of Least Cost When there are two or more different practicable methods of avoiding or mitigating interference, the method which involves the least total cost shall in general be adopted irrespective of whether the necessary changes are made in the plant of the party creating the parallel or in the plant of the other party ; provided, however, that preference shall be .given to methods of avoiding a parallel over methods of mitigating interference ; and provided, further, that as between...
Page 92 - Existing Class H power circuits and those exempted under the preceding paragraph, which hereafter become involved in normal parallels, shall be transposed so as to balance their capacitances to earth, when necessary for limiting residual voltages and currents to amounts which can be tolerated. The location and number of transpositions for this purpose shall be determined by agreement of the parties concerned.
Page 111 - ... connected to a circuit involved in a parallel, which causes harmful transient disturbances in communication circuits, shall be done by means of oil switches, all poles of which are mechanically interconnected for simultaneous operation. j. Use of Air Switches. The use of air switches, on a power circuit involved in a parallel, is prohibited except for purposes of isolating sections of dead line, or for disconnecting transformers under no load. This applies to the entire power system, any circuit...
Page 46 - In the location and construction of the first line along a public highway, special effort shall be made to avoid crossing the highway and also to avoid other features which would result in unnecessary discontinuities in the event of the construction of another line along the same highway.
Page 51 - Switches shall be used instead of main line fuses wherever practicable in a power circuit involved in a parallel. (g) Electrolytic lightning arresters. "When electrolytic lightning arresters are employed on a power circuit involved in a parallel they shall be equipped with auxiliary charging resistances and contacts so . arranged that the horn gaps are shortcircuited at the time of charging, to avoid, as far as possible, the production of arcs.
Page 108 - With some parallels interference occurs only at times of abnormal conditions on the power circuit in which case such of these rules as affect induction only under normal operating conditions do not apply. When the application of any rule is thus restricted, the condition under which the...
Page 98 - ... unbalances as render the parallel telephone or telegraph lines inoperative. This will usually occur with an open, grounded or short circuited line or transformer winding. Such rules shall in general provide for the discontinuance of operation of the power line until the fault is remedied, excepting only those cases where it is clear that the service rendered the public by continuing service over this section of power line is relatively of greater importance than that rendered by the telephone...
Page 87 - Balanced and Residual Voltages : The voltages to ground of the several wires of a power circuit are divided for convenience into two classes of components, "balanced

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