Inductive Metrology: Or, The Recovery of Ancient Measures from the Monuments

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Page 8 - ... false persuasion of knowledge' which prevents search in other directions . . . There is something seductive in the precision of ... statements and the unhesitating confidence with which only one side of a question is presented. The reader is easily led captive by a writer who has no hesitation. Add to this the many difficulties which stand in the way of controlling by experiment the experimental data, and the indisposition of most men to undertake the labour of verification, and we may see that...
Page 149 - Christian Irish unit to this. The close similarity of the Phoenician unit to a principal unit of pre-historic British remains, and also to the Polynesian unit. The identity of the Pelasgic with the Etrurio-Roman foot. The continuance of the RomanoBritish units into mediaeval times, the resemblances being generally exact, and far within the probable errors. Also the similar continuance of the classical units into the Mohammedan times in Turkey and Persia.
Page 8 - The reader is easily led captive by a writer who has no hesitation;" but this stolen consent is an agreement that snaps with .the first shock; whereas, when difficulties and uncertainties have been faced from the beginning, they are not reckoned at more than their true value.
Page 2 - the process of collecting general truths from the examination of particular facts.
Page 3 - The historical sciences seem to pass through two stages in the course of their development — the literary and the monumental — the deductive and the inductive.
Page 141 - The 13-22 unit, which is the most usual in mediaeval England, is probably a later form of this...

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