Industry of Identity Deficit and Cannibalization of Time Matrices

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Trafford Publishing, 2001 - Social Science - 403 pages
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Rather than advocating a singular belief in any one system, a study and understanding of no less than three are encouraged by the age of 18 or 21 as a rite of passage to majority status (page 237). This approach will increase the probability of a formation, development and maintenance of mindfulness, the sine qua non or absolute prerequisite, to sound choice-making at all times, in all places. Polymathical educational philosopgy tends to encourage exploration beyond the three standard deviations into the realm of the infinite along both wings or asymtopes of the bell-curve.

As Prof. Isaiah Berlin wrote, "the only freedom to which knowledge contributes is freedom from illusion (page 218). It seems that only our firmly clenched and gripped attachment to illusions exceeds our grasping material possessiveness. This uniquely human trait and tendency for self-inflicted wounds should be necessary and sufficient cause for teaching and cultivating self-knowledge or mindfulness throughout life leading to serenity based upon confidence in and integrity of self-identity coupled with a sense of belonging.

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