Infantry Tactics: For the Instruction, Exercise, and Manœuvres of the Soldier, a Company, Line of Skirmishers, Battalion, Brigade, Or Corps D'armée, Volume 1

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Scott's and Hardee's are overdone in the reenacting hobby--Casey's is good alternative, and worth study.

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Page 31 - ... the knee, slightly turned out ; he will, at the same time, throw the weight of the body forward...
Page 199 - At the command march, the line will move to the front, the guide charged with the direction will move on the point indicated to him, the skirmishers will hold themselves aligned on this guide, and preserve their intervals towards him.
Page 20 - As the discipline and efficiency of a company materially depend on the conduct and character of its sergeants, they should be selected with care, and properly instructed in all the duties appertaining to their rank. 57. Their theoretical instruction should include the School of the Soldier, the School of the Company, and the Drill for Skirmishers.
Page 34 - Recruits are also exercised in running, the principles being the same as for double time. When marching in double time and in running, the men breathe as much as possible through the nose, keeping the mouth closed.
Page 47 - Quit the piece with the right hand, lower it with the left hand, opposite the middle of the body, and place the butt between the feet without shock; the rammer to the rear, the barrel vertical, the muzzle three inches from the body; seize it with the right hand at the upper band, and carry the left hand reversed to the handle of the sabre-bayonet.
Page 171 - In a column, left in front, the countermarch will be executed by inverse commands and means, but according to the same principles. Thus, the movement will be made by the right flank of subdivisions, if the right be in front, and by the left flank, if the left be in front ; in both eases the subdivisions will wheel by file to the side of the front rank.
Page 37 - As the motions relative to the cartridge, to the rammer, and to the fixing and unfixing of the bayonet, cannot be executed at the rate prescribed, nor even with a uniform swiftness, they will not be subjected to that cadence. The instructor will, however, labor to cause these motions to be executed with promptness, and, above all, with regularity.
Page 170 - At the command march, the men who have faced to the right, will step off, and form files in the following manner: the second man in the rank will place himself behind the first to form the first file; the third will place himself...
Page 134 - The movement will be executed by each platoon according to the above principles. The captain will place himself before the centre of the first platoon, and the first lieutenant before the centre of the second, passing through the opening made in the centre of the company, if the march be by the right flank, and around the left of his platoon, if the march be by the left: in this last case, the captain will also pass around the left of the second platoon in order to place himself in front of the first....
Page 152 - The instructor having halted the column, right in front, and wishing to form it into line of battle, will place himself at platoon distance in front of the leading guide, face to him, and rectify, if necessary, the position of the guide beyond ; which being executed, he will command : Left — DKESS.

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