Inflation Control Program of OPA.: Hearings Before the Committee on Banking and Currency

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Page 33 - ... dollar-a-year man who comes here, if he is any good, is representing the interests of the Government, but these other people are employed to represent themselves, so to speak. MR. BOWLES: They are not employed. SENATOR TAFT: They are against these businessmen. MR. BOWLES: The most of them are businessmen. SENATOR TAFT: The fact of the matter is that OPA goes out and organizes one class of the community, say consumers, and says to them: "Get together and help us enforce the law.
Page 18 - ... our efforts to hold a stable level of prices and to defeat the forces of inflation, the attacks of the pressure groups continue. This is an old story with us. If we have been unwilling or unable to resist their irresponsible efforts, price control would have collapsed many months ago. There are 1,500 registered lobbies in Washington, and a heavy proportion of them, I imagine, at one time or another, has aimed all its guns at the OPA, at least it seems that way. Certainly this is no news to the...
Page 32 - OPA operated on the assumption that businessmen were "crooks": MR. BOWLES: That is an absolutely fantastic statement. I have been in business and Dr. Ney has been in business, and certainly we know what business is. SENATOR TAFT: But you have been converted into a Government bureaucrat. I am not criticizing you personally, but the attitude of OPA today, as I get it from everybody who comes to me. is that the businessman is presumably a crook; that if he is trying s For a discussion of the conflict...
Page 63 - The figures on those 10 communities have not yet been released, but they are about to be, hopefully sometime the latter part of this week or the early part of next week.
Page 33 - There are 200.000 of them. Practically half of them are business people and the rest of them are clergymen, doctors, doctors' wives, and other representative people. Senator TAFT. They are to go out and check up on business on the assumption that business has been violating the law, that business people are necessarily crooks, and are going to get all they (can; in other words, stirring up all the feeling you can against these Canton food dealers.
Page 33 - I should like to call attention to the fact that we have had a few dollar-a-year men in high places all during the war, and they are constantly referred to as very patriotic, outstanding, and leading citizens. If it is a violation to use people one might say in the lower brackets of society...

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