Information Engineering

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DIANE Publishing, 1997 - 183 pages
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The principal objectives of this study are to: identify influential technologies; define likely development scenarios; assess the impact of these technologies; identify major commercial interests; define exploitation routes; & assess Europe's competitive position. The current developments in electronic publishing are not merely incremental, but are causing a paradigm shift. The revolutionary changes, coupled with the potential for dramatic change in the regulatory environment, could reshape the information marketplace. Charts & tables.

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Page 29 - The enigma is this: if our property can be infinitely reproduced and instantaneously distributed all over the planet without cost, without our knowledge, without its even leaving our possession, how can we protect it? How are we going to get paid for the work we do with our minds? And, if we can't get paid, what will assure the continued creation and distribution of such work?
Page 163 - ... QUITE FAMILIAR— You are quite familiar with the subject matter either if you were an expert some time ago but feel somewhat rusty now because other assignments have intervened (even though, because of the previous interest, you have kept reasonably abreast of current developments in the field); or if you are in the process of becoming an expert but still have some way to go to achieve mastery of the subject; or if your concern is with integrating detailed developments in the area, thus trading...
Page 163 - ... in the process of becoming an expert but still have some way to go to achieve mastery of the subject; or if your concern is with integrating detailed developments in the area, thus trading breadth of understanding for depth of specialization. (3) FAMILIAR— You are familiar with the subject matter if you know most of the arguments advanced for and against some of the controversial issues surrounding this subject, have read a substantial amount about it, and have formed some opinion about it....
Page 106 - By breaking down the document, users can apply a finer degree of control in managing different configurations and versions of document elements and documents as a whole. The typical example is a document chunk that is part of many different documents. In an SGML-aware system, this chunk can be stored once and all documents that use it will include it by reference, ensuring that the latest version is always in the document.
Page 108 - However, it remains unclear in what document architecture an author should create a document for maximum portability. No single system has penetrated the world market and established a de facto standard. For example, a multimedia book would have to include several video formats such as Compact Disk Interactive (CD-I), MPEG-1, and Apple's QuickTime, to reach a mass market.
Page 109 - MHEG objects are created on a sophisticated authoring workstation communicated to the end user through several kinds of interchange media and executed in a presentation terminal.
Page 106 - That approach works well with most editing applications, which work on whole files, and it is fine for handling meta-data, information about the documents, such as status, version, configuration, etc.
Page 95 - RSA is important because it also supports the concept of digital signatures, which can be used to authenticate electronic documents, the same way hand-written signatures are used to authenticate paper documents.
Page 95 - ... features. It can also distinguish the origin of a particular document on any server. It was created by Terisa Systems, a joint venture between RSA Data Security and Enterprise Integration Technologies. S-HTTP's strengths include its availability and flexibility. Both SSL and S-HTTP have been competing to become the standard secure interface for commercial sites on the Web.
Page 71 - VLIW is to eliminate the complicated instruction scheduling and parallel dispatch that occurs in most modern microprocessors. In theory, a VLIW processor should be faster and less expensive than a comparable RISC chip.

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