Infra-red Physics

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Clarendon Press, 1966 - Infrared radiation - 319 pages
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absorbed absorption bands absorption coefficient absorption lines absorption spectrum Angress angular momentum atmosphere atoms band-pass filters beam black-body radiation Bloch functions bolometer Bose-Einstein statistics Brillouin zone cell classical conduction band consider constant crystal Curie point cyclotron density detector diatomic diatomic molecule dielectric constant diffraction grating dipole moment dispersion dispersion curves earth's atmosphere effective mass eigenvalues electric electric field electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic waves electron emission energy bands energy gap energy levels equation exciton Fabry-Perot interferometer far infra-red Faraday Faraday effect Faraday rotation ferroelectric field filters free carrier frequency fundamental band germanium given Golay cell grating Hamiltonian harmonic oscillator helium homopolar incident indium antimonide infra-red radiation infra-red spectroscopy InSb integral interaction interference filters interferometer ionic ionic crystals Johnson noise klystron Kramers-Kronig relations Landau levels large number lattice lattice vibrations layer lines low-pass filter magnetic magnetic field magneto-optical effects materials matrix element Maxwell's equations measurements Michelson interferometer modes molecule moments of inertia motion neutron scattering noise noise equivalent power nuclear spin observed obtained optical oscillator p-n junction partition function per unit phonon photoconductive Phys Plyler potential energy Proc Q branch quantum mechanics quantum number quartz radiation Raman Raman scattering reciprocal lattice reduced mass reflection refractive index region resonance Reststrahlen rotation rotational energy Schrodinger equation selection rule semiconductors shown in Fig silicon solid spectra spectrometer spectrum spin superconducting symmetry temperature theory thermal thermal noise thermistor thermocouple Thus tion transitions unit cell valence band values vector vibrational vibrational transitions Voigt effect wave equation wave functions wave vector wavelength zero

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