Infrastructure Law of Brazil

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Contents - Note to the Second Edition; Preface and Acknowledgments of the First Edition; Notes on Contributors; Part I - Essays - An Overview of Brazilian Law; Control of the Independent Regulatory Agencies; Brazilian Antitrust Law; Administrative Procedure and the Independent Regulatory Agencies; Rulemaking Power of Independent Regulatory Agencies in Brazil; Competition Law Enforcement in Regulated Sectors; Public Procurement - General Rules; Reverse Auction as a Method of Public Procurement; Public Procurement Financed by International Agencies and Multilateral Funds in Brazil; The System of Protests and Appeals in Brazilian Public Biddings Law; Public Procurement by State Governments; Government Contracts in Brazilian Law; Concessions of Public Service; Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Brazil; An Overview of the Regulation in the Electricity Sector in Brazil; Telecommunications Law of Brazil; Infrastructure and Logistics in the Brazilian Transportation System; Oil and Gas Regulation in Brazil; Waste Management Regulation in Brazil; Basic Sanitation Services in Brazil; Environmental Licensing in Brazil; Construction Contracts in Brazilian Law and the Standard International Model Contracts; Brazilian Corporate Taxation; Enforcement of Pecuniary Credits against State Parties; Brazil in the Context of International Arbitration; Arbitration in Brazil; Recognition of Foreign Judgments and Awards; Part II - Bilingual Versions of Relevant Statutes - Brazilian Federal Constitution - Excerpts; Law n. 8.666/1993 (Biddings and government contracts); Law n. 12.462/2011 (Creates the Differential Public Procurement Regime - RDC) - Excerpts; Decree n. 7.546 (Regulates the changes to Law n. 8.666 made by Law n. 12.349 - 'Buy National'); Law n. 10.520/2002 (Reverse auction); Law n. 8.987/1995 (Concessions of public services); Law n. 9.074/1995 (Concessions of public services) - Excerpts; Law n. 11.079/2004 (Public-Private Partnerships - PPP) - Excerpts; Code of Civil Procedure of 1973 - Excerpts; Civil Code of 2002 - Excerpts; Law n. 9.307/1996 (Arbitration); Resolution STJ n. 9/2005 (Recognition of foreign judgments); Part III - Additional Reference Material - Brazilian Legislation Relating to Infrastructure Contracts and Projects; Brazilian Infrastructure Law Reference Websites; Glossary.

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