Innovate Like Edison: The Success System of America's Greatest Inventor

Penguin, 2007 - 299 頁
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Michael Gelb, bestselling author of How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, and Sarah Miller Caldicott, translate the genius of Edison into a revolutionary new success system for innovation.

Thomas Edison is the greatest innovator in American history. Edison’s focus on practical accomplishment set the stage for America’s global leadership in innovation. Now, for the first time ever, Innovate Like Edisontranslates the best practices of this supreme American inventor into contemporary terms to help today’s leaders harness their own innovative potential.

With their unique insight and expertise, Michael Gelb and Sarah Miller Caldicott introduce a carefully researched, easy-to-apply system of five success secrets inspired by the creative methods of Edison himself. Presented in a step-by-step fashion, Innovate Like Edisonprovides the tools and strategies you need to compete and win in the business world and in everyday life. Whether you’re an amateur or an executive, Innovate Like Edisonis an indispensable tool that will enable you to revamp and revitalize your own creative genius and thrive in today’s culture of innovation.

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PART ONE An American Innovator Who Changed the World
PART TWO Edisons Five Competencies of Innovation
PART THREE Expanding Innovation Literacy

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關於作者 (2007)

Michael J. Gelb is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of organizational innovation and has written ten previous books, including the international bestseller How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci. His clients have included DuPont, General Electric, Merck, Microsoft, and Nike, among others.
Founder of the consulting firm StarWave Associates, Sarah Miller Caldicott holds an M.B.A. from Dartmouth s Tuck School of Business. She is a twenty-year marketing veteran and a great-grandniece of Thomas Edison.