Insight Into Information - Secret Messages and Hidden Maps Inside of Information: Secret Messages and Hidden Maps Inside of Information

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Insight Into Information is based on sixty years of research on the Secret Messages and Hidden Maps Inside of Information. These several levels of subtle, subliminal and secret meanings provide reverberating, resonant echoes in all information much as the background music in movies but with more levels of meaning in these fields: science, religion, literature, entertainment, TV, advertising, technology and literally all fields of endeavor at home, at work, in school and at play.

  • Many have already benefited from this information. The author, a retired clinical and rehabilitation psychologist, used this information in his private, clinical and consulting practice in schools and industry. This new, proven research shows:
  • The helpful hidden hooks from which you can benefit. You will learn the inborn universal maps which influence and guide all of us in marvelous ways--including the name GOD on the human head and face.
  • The harmful, deceptive hooks inside of words of which you are not aware but which can influence you. The word now is an example, as in buy now: Now is an anagram of won and own. These anagrams puzzle our brain and set up delays which advertisers want and to get you to participate in the anagram game. You will learn how to avoid such hidden hooks. Don't be cheated. Know these hidden hooks, control your choices and make well informed decisions.
  • The Table of contents lists the chapters which describe the many ways you can benefit from knowing these hidden messages and secret maps in religion; health and healing; fun and entertainment; advertising; merchandising; education; communications; literature and the hidden influences inside of names.

The Afterword at the end of the book tells the story of how the author became interested, did the research, used the research with patients and organizations, and wrote the book: the when, where, why and how of the origin of the information in this book.

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