Insomnia: The Guide to Treatment, Relief, and Understanding the Science of a Better Night's Sleep

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Callisto Media Inc, 2012 - Health & Fitness - 112 pages
Do you spend night after night dreaming of a better night's sleep? Tired of feeling like a zombie throughout the day? Insomnia: The Guide to Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Relief for a Better Night's Sleep helps those who suffer from insomnia, chronic insomnia, depression, and other sleep disorders. 
Insomnia, by bestselling author John Chatham, offers a breakdown of the top ten causes and symptoms of insomnia, and helps sufferers identify what type of insomnia they have so that the relief can begin. 
Utilizing extensive research, Insomnia explores the science of sleep from its importance on your body's overall health to the four stages of sleep. 
Offering relief to those who have trouble sleeping, Insomnia explores various forms of treatment to put you on the path to a better night's sleep.
  • Offers research and findings on the benefits and side effects of sleep medications
  • Find relief through homeopathic treatments, and understand the benefits of diet
  • Discover the "Ideal Sleep Positions" and the importance of sleep hygiene. 
Tired of sleepless nights? A good night's rest shouldn't be so difficult. Find the remedy you need with Insomnia: The Guide to Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Relief for a Better Night's Sleep.

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What IsInsomnia Chapter 1 An Introduction to Insomnia Chapter 2 Transient vs Chronic Insomnia
What Kind of Insomnia Do I Have?
What Kindof Insomnia DoI Have? Chapter 4 The Top Ten Causes of Insomnia
The Science of Sleep Chapter 6The Circadian Rhythm Chapter 7The Importance of Sleep Chapter 8The Four Stages ofSleep Chapter 9 Sleep Disorders
Treatments forYour Insomnia Chapter 10Sleep Medications Chapter 11 Homeopathic Treatments Chapter 12The Benefits of Diet Chapter 13Sleep H...

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