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The FAST-EDGE Fitness Plan will give you the tools necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. There are no gym memberships necessary because this book teaches you how to live healthy from the comforts of your own home. It will, undoubtedly, inspire and motivate you to reach new heights in both exercise and nutrition. With the ever-growing number of "quick fix" diet books out on the market today, this book is the complete opposite. It teaches you to gradually add one day of exercise and nutrition every two weeks, thereby, easing your way to a healthier living. Most diets require a drastic change in lifestyle, which is always the recipe for failure. The human body has to learn to adapt to a new program over time as opposed to being shocked from the start. Each exercise circuit is only twenty-minutes in duration- THAT'S IT! It also provides a list of "good" carbohydrate, protein and fats so you could choose and design your own menu plans. Remember, you don't need a health club to be health-y!

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