Instant DHTML Scriptlets

Wrox Press, 1998 - 539 pages
Scriptlets are one of the most exciting features of Internet Explorer 4.0 and represent an excellent way to project DHTML as a development platform. DHTML will be key to the future of windows programming, but it is also important to web developers in general. IE will support DHTML and Scriptlets on Win32, Win3.1, Unix, Mac, WinCE, so Scriptlets and DHTML are not tied to windows in any way. Thus this book is useful for both Windows programmers and web developers.In the future, using HTML or DHTML will become natural, since you don't have to redistribute anything. Just assume that your software (even a desktop application) will run on a Win9x platform. All this wouldn't be so interesting and appealing if developers had to reinvent the wheel every time they needed some DHTML code. But Scriptlets have been introduced just to facilitate HTML code reuse! Consequently, there will be a strong need for good and useful Scriptlet books as soon as people realize what is changing and the direction that programming is going to take.

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Instant DHTML scriptlets

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Scriptlets are a step beyond dynamic hypertext mark-up language (HTML). Scriptlets are a way to design new, custom-built objects to extend dynamic HTML. Esposito covers scriptlets on both the client ... Consulter l'avis complet

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