Instinct Based Medicine: How to Survive Your Illness and Your Doctor

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Strategic Book Publishing, 2008 - Health & Fitness - 452 pages
In this fascinating book, Dr. Leonard Coldwell describes a revolutionary approach to understanding stress and its ravaging effects on our health. For the first time, an experienced physician and health researcher explains the direct correlation between emotional and mental stress and degenerative diseases; particularly cancer. Dr. Coldwell not only explains why and how we get sick, but he also provides the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent or to recover quickly from a degenerative disease! Learn why our negative emotions such as worry, doubt, fear, hopelessness, helplessness and lack of self-esteem; in addition to conditions of forced compromise and denial; can lead to cancer and other health breakdowns such as asthma, rheumatism, migraines, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Regain the power and control over your health as you learn how to manage and eliminate pain and suffering in the most effective way.

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While much of the introduction of this book is similar to his other book, "The Only Answer to Cancer" the main of it is practical common sense that we somehow, seemed to have misplaced along life's way.
Dr. Leonard Coldwell. is not afraid to speak out against injustice, he is hard hitting when he feels the need to be. He has lost family members to cancer; which was partly the reason for his quest for knowledge and ability to understand not only this health condition (cancer), but in many respects all severe health conditions.
He gives perfectly good reasons why people get cancer. He relies also on Biblical text. His faith is in God Most High. After all didn't the great master our Lord Jesus say, "Go in peace, it is your faith that has made you well."
But he doesn't particularly see cancer as the enemy, but conventional treatments that spread it all over the body leaving the patient many times worse than they were at first this is what he hates, having witnessed what it did to several members of his own family. This now has become medical fact that Chemotherapy (chemo means cancer) has killed more people than cancer has, also surgery and radiation. After all there is no place for radiation in the body. It was never intended to be found there. But for those that have had chemotherapy; simply by eating variety of berries; (black berries, strawberries, black raspberries and blue berries etc) can certainly be beneficial.
On the contrary Dr. Leonard Coldwell. sees cancer as a very clever defence mechanism. Our body he says was never designed by God to be self destructive. The cancer cell is intelligent, it learns to survive where there is no oxygen, thrives on sugar. In fact cannot survive in oxygen. It may encompass toxins preventing them or tries to prevent them from spreading to other parts of the body and forms a tumour, even though itself is a damaged cell. In the hope that our body will expel those toxins. That might be done in several ways, over a period of time.
Time is important but not of the essence. He encourages the reader not to let yourself be rushed or bullied into having surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Teach yourself about cancer, how it works and the possible causes. Learn true self love. Just like Jesus taught us to do, and banish fear and discontent from the body. Remember this regardless of what faith you may be; Jesus often said having healing a person, "go in peace, it is your faith that has made you well."
Of course much of what Dr. Leonard Coldwell says, has been said by others; things you will have already heard before while on the other hand there is much he says that has not been mentioned by anyone else. But none of it is meant to mislead, his wish and sole purpose of writing is that you take the time to look at the alternatives and not let yourself be bullied into accepting treatments that may leave you far worse than what you are at present.
There are numerous cancer treatments of course You Tube is a platform where endless people talk about how they found healing without the need to go down the conventional route. And for those that did take that route (conventional medicine) and found themselves even more sick, not to give up hope. Gerson therapy maybe a cool place to start to learn what you can do. .
But basically what I gain from all this is our immune system is highly intelligent that was how God designed it to be, far greater than any computer could ever be made. More so than ourselves. Treat it right, consume natural organic non GMO food like nature intended, avoid toxicity if at all possible be kind to yourself and learn how to stay healthy. The Truth About Cancer is also a wealth of information. Many experienced doctors that have embraced alternative natural treatments explain why they are better for us. Health through God's Pharmacy by Maria Treben is another great source of information; a fabulous herbal book that every home would benefit from having a copy.

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Complete rubbish from start to finish full of unsubstantiated claims and grandiose nonsense.
The guy isn't even a doctor he's a grubby little scammer who was promoting Kevin Trudeau's "Global
Information Network" pyramid scheme until Trudeau gave him the push and now he spends his time telling the world about how he new it was a scam all along, that Trudeau is a crook and it was nothing to do with him anyway. Now he's promoting his instinct Based Medicine system which has nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with separating you from your money... $500 to join and $1000 per year in membership fees.
Nothing that comes out of this quack's mouth is true. He never practised medicine in Germany (where he went by the name of Bernd Klein by the way AKA Bernt Witchner) because he's not qualified.
He claims to have four PhDs but the only one I can track down comes from a diploma mill that was closed in 1998 by court order.
He's a fake and this book is fine for fixing a wobbly table leg and nothing else. A lot of rambling conspiracy theories and self-aggrandising.
By rights it deserves an infinite number of minus stars.

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Dr. Coldwell?s credo can be summarized as follows: ?There is no healing force outside the body, therefore, the only person that can heal you - is you!? Emotional and mental stress is the main cause for every illness which means that it is the root cause for all health breakdowns, pain and suffering. The main causes for emotional and mental stress are living in forced compromise, lack of self-esteem, fears, doubts, hopelessness, helplessness, anger, hatred or any negative state of mind. The moment you get rid of the root cause of any illness, your body simultaneously begins to heal itself, and the illness disappears on its own. The Instinct Based Medicine System? provides the reader with a clear understanding of the root cause of illness and how to reveal and eliminate it in the fastest way possible.? ?The role of stress in illness is so underrated it elicits slight attention in typical diagnoses. Yet, as Dr. Coldwell demonstrates, when stress is addressed as a primary cause the illness becomes much easier to cure or even avoid. His book and CD?s provide great insight into the role of stress and a method for you to control your own stress.? - Carson E. Beadle, Chairman, The Health Project

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