Instruction for Field Artillery

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1863 - Artillery drill and tactics - 229 pages


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Page 53 - Each movement should be understood before passing to another. After they have been properly executed in the order laid down in each lesson, the instructor no longer confines himself to that order; on the contrary, he should change it, that he may judge of the intelligence of the men.
Page 53 - Heels on the same line and as near each other as the conformation of the man permits.
Page 57 - ... the scabbard with the left han'd, and grasp it at the upper band. At the command saber, drop the point to the rear and pass the blade across and along the left arm; turn the head slightly to the left, fixing the eyes on the opening of the scabbard, raise the right hand, insert and return the blade...
Page 162 - ... at the command march they rein the horses back, taking care to keep them to the right; at the command halt they straighten the team and carriage and halt.
Page 26 - Plane of Sight. — The vertical plane passing through the line of sight. Angle of Sight. — The angle which the line of sight makes with the horizontal Angle of Elevation.
Page 93 - To drive out a Shot wedged in the Bore. — Unscrew the vent piece if there be one, and drive in wedges so as to start the shot forward, then ram it back again in order to seize the wedge with a hook ; or pour in powder and fire it, after replacing the vent piece. In the last resort, bore a hole in the bottom of the breech, drive out the shot, and stop the hole with a screw; {Ordnance Manual.} SPLINTER-PROOF.
Page iii - President of the United States, is now published for the government of the said service. Accordingly, instruction in the same will be given after the method pointed out therein ; and all additions to, or departures from, the exercises and manoeuvres laid down in this system are positively forbidden.
Page 201 - ... its place, the chief commands: 1. Forward, 2. MARCH, 3. Guide left. Each chief halts his platoon just short of the line and commands: 1. Left, 2. DRESS. The principles of par. 8 apply. Being in Column of Platoons, to Form on Right or Left into Line.
Page 93 - Explain how to drive out a shot wedged in the bore. Unscrew the vent piece, if there be one, and drive in wedges so as to start the shot forward; then ram it back again in order to seize the wedge with a hook; or pour in powder, and fire it after replacing the vent piece.
Page 23 - Grind the lampblack in oil ; mix it with the oil, then grind the litharge in oil and add it, stirring it well into the mixture. The varnish and turpentine are added last. This paint is used for the iron-work of carriages. Paint for tarpaulins. A square yard takes 2 Ibs. for three coats. 1. Olive. — Liquid olive color 100 Ibs. Beeswax...

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