Instructions from the regents of the University to the several academies subject to their visitation

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Page 12 - To grant such literary honors as are usually granted by any university, college, or seminary of learning in the United States...
Page 11 - Meet on their own adjournment or when required by their by-laws, and as often as they shall be summoned by their chairman, or in his absence by the senior trustee, on written request of three trustees.
Page 15 - State, or other vacancy in the office of any trustee, to elect another in his place, by a majority of the votes of the trustees present : 4.
Page 7 - Missouri," and by that name shall have perpetual succession, power to sue and be sued, complain and defend in all courts...
Page 10 - The regents of the university shall annually deliver to the comptroller a schedule of the distribution of the income of the said literature fund, designating the several institutions entitled to a participation, and the amount awarded to each, which schedule shall be delivered immediately after each annual distribution, and shall be authenticated by the signature of the chancellor and secretary of the said regents of the university, and their corporate seal.
Page 28 - The sum of twenty-eight thousand dollars of the income aforesaid shall be annually paid over, on and after the first day of January next, to the literature fund, which, together with the sum of twelve thousand dollars of the present literature fund, shall be annually distributed among the academies in the several senatorial districts by the regents of the university, in the manner now provided by law. But no academy shall hereafter be allowed to participate in the annual distribution of the literature...
Page 11 - To declare vacant the seat of any Trustee who shall absent himself from five successive meetings of the board ; 4.
Page 9 - There shall be twelve thousand dollars of the revenues of tne literature fund annually distributed by the regents of the university, to the academies and schools which now are or hereafter may be subject to the visitation of the regents, in the manner now provided by law; which moneys shall be exclusively appropriated and expended by the trustees of such academies and schools respectively, towards paying the salaries of tutors.
Page 10 - ... each was so instructed. 2. A particular statement of the studies pursued by each pupil, at the commencement of his instruction, and of his subsequent studies, until the date of the report, together with the books such student shall have studied in whole or in part, and if in part, what portion. 3. An account or estimate of the cost or value of the library, philosophical and chemical apparatus, and mathematical and other scientific instruments, belonging to the seminary. 4. The names of the instructors...
Page 76 - Officers and employees. Appoint and fix the salaries of such officers and employees as they shall deem necessary, who, unless employed under special contract, shall hold their offices during the pleasure of the trustees; but no trustee shall receive compensation as such.

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