Integral Numerology

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Suzanne Wagner, 2005 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 143 pages
Gift Number 11 Gift of Freedom, Rebellion, and Transcendence The Gift of 11 is a mastery number. This number is about expanded consciousness and awareness. This indicates a person who has been an extremely flexible thinker in many past lives. It means that they have been curious about many things and had a great willingness to try them all. That kind of expansive thinking shows a person who was unwilling to be held back by society's repressive conditionings and patterns. The “eleven” is an idea person. They love to live in their ideas and dreams. This person values freedom above all things. This is a genius pattern, yet we know, with all genius is there is a fine line between genius and eccentricity. These people spend part of their lives feeling fragmented, and also creating incredible magic. These people are often visionary's and can see patterns far into the future. They want to see unity in the world where other people see separation. These people do not judge other people based on their job, money, belief systems or ego. They can get along with, anybody. They are gregarious, outgoing, witty and interesting story tellers.When we are with them, we become more open and playful. They make us laugh and help us see the humor in our silly attachments. They have often tried many taboos; things like drugs, sex, and wild parties. They dance on the edge between light and shadow. They have danced with their own weaknesses and know themselves intimately. They are masters of illusion. They can be very good at deception if this energy is not allowed out properly. They can create such a good illusion that they believe their own lie. Sometimes you find chronic liars in this position. They are not afraid of the things most of us are afraid of. Often they have experienced many types of deaths. They try to open up the possibilities for us to follow. They are the spiritual path makers. They are visionaries and want every one to work together for a common good. These people have been great adventurers in past life times such as; pirates, bandits, Vikings, raiders, drug dealers, robbers, and those who want to cheat people. They love big adventures and often speak more than one language. Life to them is about how many adventures you can have and still be standing. They have the gift of rebellion. They are going to do it their way no matter what. They don't want to be contained and value freedom above all. They want freedom for everyone, not just themselves. If you tell them to not do something they will definitely do it. They refuse to have others define their existence. Around them we feel freer to do the things that seem risky. They dislike rigid and moralistic people. They will walk away from anyone who claims to have all the answers. Inside they know that no one has all the answers for them.In the negative, they can become drug addicted and wild for periods of time in their life. They can refuse to conform to society and go against the established norm. They need to be careful of all addictive behaviors, sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. They can become attached to the alternate realities and forget to stay grounded and responsible. They can become so idealistic that they run away from society in search for their own group and reality. They can have learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, manic-depression, etc.The challenge of the “eleven” is that the person often feels ungrounded unless they have a 5 or 10 in their numbers. They can feel flighty and unstable. They have a hard time making decisions as they have so many ideas in their mind. They can feel like they know a lot about many things but feel the master of none.

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Suzanne Wagner has been a psychic, writer, lecturer, teacher, healer, and mystic most of her life. She specialized in Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry, and Channeling. As a child she was intuitively gifted and continued her spiritual journey to supoort and expand those gifts. She has studied with North and South American Shaman, Yogi's, Healers, Facilitotors, and Teachers throughout the world. With Integral Numerology (hersecond book in a aseries), she shows the patterns that are clues to your life's purpose and destiny. She believes that numbers assist in the understanding of your unique life's journey and supoort the expansion of consciousness adn God-connection.Her clients come from all over the United States and beyond. she has lecuted on the radio teaching Tarot, Numerology, and using her intuitive skills to support others to grow and open. She gives lectures and teaches throughout California, Utah and New Mexico.

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