Integrative Cardiology

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Stephen Devries, James Dalen
Oxford University Press, 6 dic 2010 - 352 pagine
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Integrative Cardiology is an exploration of a new and much-needed perspective in cardiac care: the intelligent synthesis of conventional medicine with alternative approaches not typically part of Western medical curriculum. More than a blending of two approaches, this new perspective in cardiology highlights specific gaps in conventional heart care, and examines how alternative approaches may be ideally suited to address these missed opportunities. Cardiology is an ideal specialty for an integrative approach. Heart disease is largely preventable. The influence of nutrition, physical activity, metabolic factors, and emotional state on heart health is unmistakable, and the wide-angle lens of integrative medicine is an ideal model to address these multi-faceted needs. Most importantly, the focus of this work is directed at prevention. The approaches described in this book emphasize collaboration of the patient and health care provider--both seeking to obtain the best possible outcome taking into account the intangible, but vital, nuances of the patient's culture, beliefs, and preferences. The first section in this book describes the core elements of integrative cardiology, beginning with nutrition. Foundational chapters that follow include exercise, botanicals, aspirin, metabolic cardiology, acupuncture, spirituality, mind/body approaches, and energy medicine. Contributing authors, all of whom have a background in academic medicine, share the approaches they have found most effective in their own practices, referencing their work with the best scientific evidence available.

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Integrative Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease
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Stephen Devries, MD, is a preventive cardiologist with a longstanding interest in integrative approaches. He is Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at Northwestern University and has a busy preventive cardiology clinic emphasizing integrative approaches. Dr. Devries previously authored the weekly column "Heart Beat" in the Chicago Sun-Times, and lectures nationally on integrative approaches to prevention of heart disease. James E. Dalen, MD, MPH, is a cardiologist and Dean Emeritus, University of Arizona College of Medicine. He currently teaches in the Colleges of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Arizona. He is the Executive Director of the Weil Foundation and one of the founders of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine.

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