Intermediate Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene: Including Scientific Instruction Upon the Effects of Narcotics and Stimulants Upon the Human Body

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J.B. Lippincott, 1887 - Hygiene - 221 pages
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Page 157 - If the evil ended with the individual who, by the indulgence of a pernicious custom, injures his own health and impairs his faculties of mind and body, he might be left to his enjoyment, his fool's paradise, unmolested.
Page 105 - I have for some years past been compelled by facts which are constantly coming before me, to accept the conclusion that more mischief in the form of actual disease, of impaired vigour, and of shortened life, accrues to civilized man, so far as I have observed in our own country and throughout western and central Europe, from erroneous habits in eating, than from the habitual use of alcoholic drink, considerable as I know the evil of that to be. I am not sure that...
Page 191 - Visit a photographer's studio. Request him to point out and name the uses of the essential parts of the camera, — the blackened box, the ground-glass screen, the lens, the diaphragm, and the apparatus for adjusting the lens and the screen to the object. Watch him place the camera and then work the ground-glass screen into the proper focus. When all is ready, put your head under the curtain of the camera and study the reversed image depicted on the glass.
Page 159 - At any time of life, excessive and continued mental exertion is hurtful ; but in infancy and early youth, when the structure of the brain is still immature and delicate, permanent mischief is more easily...
Page 191 - ... it to a grindstone, and rotate it rapidly. The eye perceives neither color, but orange, — the secondary color. matters in the vitreous humor, popularly known as floating specks, or gossamer threads, look through a small pin-hole in a card at a bright light covered by a ground-glass shade. 142. Test the eyes of the pupils by a set of Snellen's testtypes. The following test-line should be easily read at ten feet. Some pupils may be able to read it at a distance of eleven or more feet. VZBDFHKOS...
Page 173 - Biuall amount is an arterial and cerebral stimulant, increasing functional activity in the nervous and circulatory apparatus ; that it is a food, in the sense that it is destroyed in the system and yields force which is utilized by the organism ; and that it is, when in sufficient quantity, a retarder of tissue-changes, checking the excretion of nitrogen.
Page 58 - Lay open the left auricle in the same manner as the right. Study the mitral valve, and use water as before. Note the thickness of the walls of the pulmonary veins and of the auricles. Lay open the left ventricle in the same manner as the right. Note the very thick walls and the great firmness of the tissues near the apex. Compare the walls of the auricles and ventricles as to thickness and firmness. Observe the mitral valve from the ventricle. Notice its greater thickness and rigidity as compared...
Page 157 - ... paradise, unmolested. This, however, is not the case. In no instance is the sin of the father more strikingly visited upon the children than the sin of tobacco-smoking. The enervation, the hysteria, the insanity, the dwarfish deformities, the consumption, the suffering lives and early deaths of the children of inveterate smokers bear ample testimony to the feebleness and unsoundness of the constitution transmitted by this pernicious habit.
Page 43 - ... but we know not till the researches of science, which have reached only a few, inform us that the whole of the interior of the body, all its cavities and bumps, are invested with a similar, or rather the same covering. The skin passes, as at the lips or eyelids, into mucous membrane...
Page 64 - This coincides with the sgstole of the ventricles. Put two fingers on the wrist-pulse of the boy (the artery-beat may be felt on the thumb side of the wrist over the lower end of the radial bone, palmar side), and place the ear on the impulse-area: a deep, dull, long sound is heard at the time of the impulse and just before...

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