International Human Rights Law: Cases and Materials

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CD Pub., 2004 - Human rights - 974 pages
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A course book and practice manual for students and practitioners of international human rights law. Designed for a course that will provide a very practical approach to international human rights law. Urges cirtical thinkign and uses exercises, questions, and numerous cases studies to illustrate the law.

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I'll dislike this form. It's not reliable.
SLAVERY reigns. You are property of the state. Your "right" to the have a "fair trial" doesn't exist. They simply say you are a underprivileged combatant
, like a reporter, and you are toast. Suspicion from a paranoid cop or neighbor is usually enough. Or if they actually charge you with something they can set your bail at a couple of million $ so they can keep you incarcerated.The book's approach appear a bit archaic and speaks to another time without the terrorism of by individuals, groups (religious and secular) or governing structures who treat just(ice) as an inconvenience to be accepted or rejected on a whim. Courts & politicos all to often are bought and paid for before the gravel even raps and bigotry remains supreme. The No evidence, no judges, no court only a non-smoking back room where politicians or governing agency who you will never see (let alone in a defense, testify to). You have become non-sequitur. They feel free to murder you and then put the corpse in handcuffs! I maybe mistaken but the author seems to be somewhat forgiving of " parliamentary law" which is arbitrary & capricious at best. I speak from direct experience as a victim with so-called "administrative law".
This simply means that ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WISH UNTIL SOMEONE WITH MORE MONEY THAN THAT STATE SPONSORED AGENCY HAS "wins"! They can take everything away from you, including your life. They can imprison YOU for years with NO CHARGES and there isn't a damn thing you, your relatives, or a team of lawyers can do about it. Hell in isolation where your brain confuses shit for butter, where torture is common by guards & inmates, it happens all too frequently, and governmental doctors and psychologist give THEIR RAPEST THE OKEY DOKEY TO MORE OF THE SAME. Let's face it " human rights" in America and the world is a farce. The objective of book seems to go through the motions of domocracy fairly well. HOWEVER, THE RIGHTS TO VOTE FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS IS GUARANTEED IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES but so-called "state's rights" beats the "right to vote", all the while corporations have the right to be called " human". Courts quite literally taken on the ability to create life like some Frankensteinean monster who's "LIFE" has the potential of " life happily ever-after" or until the law lapses. Can only happen if they are too big to fail? Those in power have absolutely no problem with perjury, they can justify practically anything. NO corpus? Then they create one.
If the banks cheat and lie and steal, well, you better not tell anyone or the court's authority will throw you in prison. You tell your neighborhood that your pottable water has dangerous levels of heavy metals or has been FRACKED" and you can set the water coming out of your tap on fire - that's jail time with fines included for YOU, that's for sure. AND THEIR INTENDED OBJECTIVE IS TO EXTEND THIS PARTICULAR POWER THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Laughing I can only reject a court's ruling that places a looser in a "winning position". The 2000 ascension of a certain individual to the most powerful position in the world was "elected" by the supreme court of the America and DEMOCRACY AND THE VOTING PUBLIC HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ELECTING THEIR PRESIDENT BUT THE COURTS BUMBLING BUREAUCRATIC INEPTITUDE DID.
Changing the debate a bit, let's say you're a 13year old little girl that is a sexual slave on the streets, who will the police grab? - she has maybe a 50-50 chance of being incarcerated and further abused, or going back to her "life of crime"and being abused, or an nebulous alternative yet to be discovered. Who knows, no one is keeping accurate records of incarceration. And that's here in America! One can only imagine what's going on in the rest of the world in this modern age of white slavery, where the

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